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Motorcycle gloves

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by AznCruiser, Jun 4, 2011.

  1. Hi netrider,

    Im thinking of buying a new motorcycle glove after having a very interesting month of glove buying frenzy lol. It all started when Mav came around to my place and showed off his new Takamii glove. I had a try and was impressed with the quality. So a couple of days later I went ahead and purchased my own Takamii glove, even the same black and white colour.

    Anyway I was told by Takamii that the smallest glove he had was a large. I know im a medium but hey it seemed like a great deal to pass up. To be honest, it was a superb deal and highly recommended. The glove though was a touch too big for my liking so I went and ordered another Alpinestar GP Pro from DHGate.

    The A* arrived yesterday and I picked it up from the local post office today. This was perfect timing since I had RNP - Mac Pass loop cruise planned today.............that cruise never eventuated, my friend crashed his bike when he gave it a quick squirt on cold tyres a block away from his place....Poor FZ6 Fazer slid for half a block :(. Anyway after seeing his gloves and pants torn to shreds (leather jacket held up pretty damn well), the least I could do was offer him my Takamii glove.

    With the glove gone I tried on my new A*, the quality was a bit different but pretty much indistinguishable from the Takamii. Was a bit heavier, the holes wasnt as good, the colour was a bit different and even the packaging was a bit different (just the feel). Googling it up I found that the newly purchased A* GP Pro was a FAKE!!!!!!! SO BEWARE PEOPLE.

    If you want good quality gloves, get the real Macoy Alpinestar GP Pro or better yet get the Takamii glove which is pretty much the same quality, build and everything.......the only thing different ive noticed from the A* you get from the store is the badging.

  2. Well, i have crashed using Marinkos gloves and recommend them to everyone, even buying a black pair for the cruiser so im up to 3 pairs
  3. Yeah, ive recommended his gloves to all my friends, top service and top quality. He even called me up to make sure I got them...........

    But, from what hes told me, hes ran out of mediums and dont think hes getting any more anytime soon....which is a real shame :(. Also, ive noticed that A* gloves dont fit my hand like id want to.

    I was actually looking at a Finn Moto Kangaroo and Stingray leather glove. Basically 100% Kangaroo leather and stingray leather for the palms and outer fingers.

    Do anyone know anything about Finn Moto, his gloves and this particular glove? For a 100% kanga + stingray it is pretty cheap.

  4. I'm looking for my very first pair of gloves so I'm not sure what to get..

    I'm tossing up between Takamii's gloves for $80 and shipping the Dainese Pro Carbons for $134... As it's my first glove I want a lot of tactile feedback and I think maybe the Dainese glove will be better suited? But I'm also worried it might be a bit too thin for winter?

    Can anyone please give me some opinions?
  5. Finn is an ok guy he is trying to do the same business model I do actually he has been around longer than I so maybe I am copying his business model
  6. Is the ONZA glove the one you are selling Takamii?

    The bottom line is that there's a heap of factories in Pakistan and China knocking out copies of brand name apparel, as well as their own designs. Some will be good, some will be shit, but if people wish to import them, they are assumed under law to be the manufacturers. I wouldn't buy any such product without seeing the actual item myself. But doubtless there are bargains to be had..
  7. as always, it appears that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

    I can't see myself buying anything I can't try on first.......
  8. Im a sucker for these things.............sometimes I win and sometimes i loose.

    The ONZA glove is Takamii's, great looking glove and top quality. Many guys including myself have even crash tested it and came out very happy with how it stood up :).
  9. hey, I'm not saying don't do it, riding is a risk in itself, buying stuff doubly so :)

    (I bought a NAS on-line last week; I hope it's got the internals :LOL:...)
  10. I tried on some GP Pro gloves today.. They are amazing. Unless someone can give me a good reason why the Dainese would be a better first-time glove then I think I'm gonna pick up some of Takamii's gloves
  11. Only good thing would be if your a brand name junkie...............other than that, the Takamii one is a great product.
  12. For those seeking s known name brand rs tai-chi is a good one as well - Japanese company
  13. on the subject of gloves, im after some very thin (palm/fingers) but with th protection on top...have some thicker decent gloves but hate not having the feeling on the grip and levers...ideally a glove that i cant even notice i am wearing but still offers some protection...ATM im using cycling fingerless gloves just to keep a little bit warm, but obviously no protection...not that bothered about the warmth factor tho really...any suggestions
  14. Go for the Roo leather, usually thinner and more comfy than the cow leather.
  15. hello Netriders,
    My name is matt, im from finn moto. I thought i would shed some light on the brand names via china/india/etc & offer a few pointers when making a glove decision.

    China can replicate most things, but they can only make the product "look" the same. In most cases fit, performance, durability, safety is compromised. If your wanting a genuine brand item its best to buy it from the shop or reputable online shop eg (usa). Buying local you wont have to worry about warranty issues. (the prices should be getting better as the aud/usd is very good for us).

    For more feeling look around for kangaroo palmed, full kangaroo or unlined cowhide gloves (summer). Cowhide/goat is the most common leather for gloves, the biggest downside with cow is if it gets wet from rain or sweat when it dries it will loose some of its natural oils. Eventually it will go brittle becoming very weak. Leather conditioner will slow things down.
    Kangaroo retains most of its natural oils, so it will hold its strength and last alot longer. Its also very soft and supple straight out of the packet.

    things to look out for when buying gloves:
    - Dyed leather (the more pigmented/painted it looks the cheaper/stiffer the leather. Dyed fits good straight away, also only the highest grades of leather can be used as the natural grain and markings show)
    - Precurved fingers (the glove should naturally goto grip position)
    - Double layers in high impact areas (outside pinky to wrist, palm/thumb base, top of hand).
    - Fit: best way it to put it on pretend to grip handle bar, ensure no excess leather buldges across inner knuckles (palm side). Firm but comfortable fit. there should be a little bit of room at finger tips when hand is straight. (when gripping it should just not touch the end).

    If buying gloves online ensure the seller has a return money back gaurantee / product warranty so you have the option to refund/exchange if necessary.

    kind regards,
    ps: since 2005 Takamii :), Its the only way to sell at good prices without compromising. Well there is one, the customer cannot try it on before they buy if not living near central coast, nsw.
  16. Bought a couple of things off FINN and the service was excellent and delivery ultra fast.

    Currently using the cowhide leather gloves for my daily commute and very happy with the quality and the product. They flow a tone of air, so probably not ideal for cold weather.

    If the build quality on the Roo gloves are similar, should be an awesome buy.

  17. Hey how you going Matt, ive exchanged emails with you re these gloves. Sorry I couldnt respond back to your email during work hours. Just in case your wondering, its Malcolm :)
  18. I use a pair of the Berik "KTC GP Race" roo gloves that seem to fit your criteria.
  19. looks good, what I find that i value the most for gloves is the flexibility, I would try one at the shops first:nopity: