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Motorcycle Gear

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Disco_Dave, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have been shopping around for motorcycle apparel and have pretty much decided on helmet (shoei tr1100) and gloves.

    I intend on riding for commuting (will get leathers at some point as well) but for the time being i believe a cordura jacket is the safest option.

    I have seen afew of the RST branded jackets and pants around with 2 liners for wet and thermal and 600D nylon (which i understand is the best protection from abrasion?). In particular i was looking at the rift ventilator 2.

    The other jacket i was considering was the dririder defender jacket/pants.

    Has anyone had any experience with any of these?

    Or can anyone recommend any other jackets/pants?

  2. have a look in the peter stevens clearance centre in a'beckett st in town. they usually have something good cheap.
  3. Hey mate,

    I been using the RST Ventilator 2 jacket and its awesome, Linings are easy to take out and feels comfortable. Haven't rode around with the thermal lining yet cause its too hot but looks like it will be good for the winter time. I'll be checking out the matching pants soon too.

  4. The "D" refers to Denier, or the number of threads per square inch. 600 is good, although some stuff does go up to 1000/1200 (although the higher rating does come at the expense of flexibility).

    Cordura is defintely the way to go though if you want versatility, and 600D is still comparable with leather in most situations (though Cordura will usually only work once).

    In terms of places to shop be sure to check out the AMX stores on either side of Melbourne.
  5. Actually downsized and moved into their regular joint on elizabeth street, as I found out today. Clearance range GREATLY reduced. They might have shipped it to another of their stores, I don't know.

    As for OP: I started out with an alpinestars sigma. Great jacket, can't remember the spec on the material. Waterproof with removal thermal liner, space for a back protector, zip to connect to matching pants (which I didn't get, but it comes with the matching zip to sew into whatever you want.).

    As for pants just grabbed some draggins from AMX, and a 20 dollar pair of waterproofs from aussie disposals for the wet. I can attest to the draggins doing their job, haven't had any spills in that particular jacket.
  6. Your best bet would to be to a reputable MC gear store and note sizes/brands you like

    then hop onto ebay and save yourself (literally) hundereds of $$$
  7. I'm guessing you mean the Shoei XR-1100, i don't believe there is a 'TR'.

    I own this helmet and love it, great ventilation, comfortable, fantastic peripheral vision. Highly recommended albeit pricey.
  8. I have used an RST ventilator jacket for the past couple of years, its a pretty good jacket. take the lining out and its about as good as it gets in summer, you will still be hot but you wont cook. In winter I have the liner in and a jumper underneath and it keeps me pretty warm. Im going to get a pair of the pants this winter and hopefully they will be as good.
    Dont know about the dririder stuff, I have a pair of their gloves (nordic I think) and they are absolute rubbish.
  9. Thanks for the advice all, i just bought all my gear (just need to buy a back protector, will probably buy one of the forcefield back protectors as they have had excellent reviews).

    Just have a couple of questions about my gear:

    - My leather gloves are a snug fit (somewhat tight getting them on however the large size had a fair bit of extra slack in the fingers so was kinda wierd operating controls). Does this sound normal? its also tight when i clench my fist.

    -Should I be tucking my pants (textile) into my boots or pulling them over? If i tuck them in they can only tuck into the top half of the boot because the boots zip wont close if i try and leave them all the way in.
  10. Gloves probably should be a bit loose, tight ones can make your fingers go numb & reduce your ability to reach for clutch/brake levers..

    Textile (I presume denim) pants should be outside boots, I think only leather pants get tucked in...

    Also depends a bit on your boots, if they are racing style, then I think tucking in is the go...
  11. Whatever you are comfortable with...