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motorcycle gear - unprofessional?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by kyo3email, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hey all,

    I had an interesting reaction to my bike gear at work today.

    I add a bit of context i work in a hospital and i was going home. So before leaving i don'ed the bike gear (jacket, spine protector and helmet in hand with gloves inside), walking out i saw one of our kid patient's who was feeling sick and remembered to bring him a cd to listen to while he was coming in for his treatment. (Audio slave if your wondering. This kid has good taste).

    On the way out i drop in to just quickly see how he is going and after short while one of my seniors pulls me aside and says "I know you mean well, but i don't want to see you dressed like that around patients ever again. It is highly unprofessional."

    Personally, i think i can see where he is coming from and if he thinks that evently some patient down the track will think the same thing and i don't want to upset my patients. plus i respect his opinion, so i will listen to him.

    However it go me thinking i'm only speculating why i think he thought it was unprofessional and well.... what is so unprofessional in wearing my jacket? If i was talking to patients while wearing my helmet i can understand, but hmm... i'm not entirely convinced it...

    For me it i feel it is just a jacket which helps keep my skin where it should be in the event of a side. But clearly in this particular experience it is ragarded by some as much more.

    Does any one out there think it is unprofessional or inappropriate to wear bike gear in a hospital or in other situations? and if so why?
  2. It may be nothing more than a uniform dress code.
    If the senior gets more anal about it then query it further.
  3. I'v been pondering the same thing lately, and i came to the following conclusion.

    If you're only wearing your bike gear when getting into or leaving from work then i don't think it's unprofessional at all. I see bike gear as safety equipment that helps us keep our lives and bodies intact. Would people call a person with a broken leg using crutches unprofessional?

    So i would say as long as you're not walking around in your jacket the entire day, or talking to patients with your helmet on (or wearing your helmet inside the building) then i don't see it as unprofessional.

    I work for an investment bank where people walk around in $5000 tailored suits and have multi million dollar clients walking in and out and nobody, including clients has ever had a problem with me leaving or entering the building in my bike gear, including my Draggin Camo's. In fact, i'v had quite a number of clients strike up convos with me because of it!
  4. what possition are you to him?

    from my view if its just to drop in and sayhello to the kid, i dont see why not. kid might be more interested in you and he might ask to check out your helmet and build relationships from there.
  5. No one in their right mind can honestly say you were doing something wrong.

    Your 'senior' may have been having a shit day or just felt like being a bastard.

    Kudos to you for doing something to make a sick kids day better :wink:

    In my own instance i hold a senior position and i come into and leave the office in my bike gear. I change into a suit whilst at work. No one has ever had an issue with it, they all think it's cool LOL.

    If i wore my gear all day long in the office, i could understand someone having a beef.
  6. I'd guess its only due to not being in 'doctor attire', nothing to do with having the helmet and jacket specifically - more that its just not what you're supposed to wear around patients. Eg, casual clothes around patients isn't appropriate.

    But if casual wear was fine around them, then its just discrimination and you best decapitate him.
  7. During work hours I too think its not appropriate, but whilst leaving I dont think its unprofessional at all. You still need be you and if its once you have knocked off I dont understand why its a problem..just continue to be you and wear your bike gear that is safe and protective.
  8. funny you mention it this kid rides loves riding dirt bikes. It is funny he feels like crap, but he still manages to drag himself out of bed and onto the bike. You can probably see why i like this kid. :grin:
  9. If he had knocked off, and was heading out and stopped to say hi to the kid, i honestly cant see a problem. At that point he is no longer technically 'working' and has the right to visit the kid in whatever he pleases.

    Anal manager imo
  10. if your boss can't see that you are doing something for a patient in your own time your boss has problems.

    Boss needs to stand back and see whats important.

    At my office I wear the gear into the office and get changed. I don't really like wearing jeans and boots around the office although I could. Just personal preference.
  11. If you were dressed for heading home then I can't see what the problem is. What is the "professional" going home dress code?? There isn't one!
    I'm a doctor and I ride to work most days and most patients like seeing me arrive in bike gear, the ones who don't start up the Temporary Australian crap which gives me the opportunity to set them right (STFU :LOL: ).
    When I was a medical student and intern I used to play rugby on the weekend then go back into work with black eyes, stud marks down my cheeks etc but no-one cared as long as I acted professionally.
    I put bike mags in the waiting room now as well and have had a few patients say they're going to get back into bikes since doing that and I've had a few invite me out on bike rides at the weekends.
    Act professionally at all times but make work bike-friendly!! :cool:
  12. I think your senior just had a bad day. I dont see anything wrong if you walk into/out of work in your bike gear. I just do the same thing at my work. Sometimes if I get into work and find that we're very busy I would just ask my colege on the update while taking my gear off and putting in away infront of waiting customers and once I'm done I'd start serving customers.
  13. The man sounds like he's

    (To quote Robin Williams in Good Morning Vietnam)

    "In more desperate need of a blowjob than any white man in history."
  14. Before I put 2c's in, I gotta ask:

    * Was the senior aware you were on your way home and have clocked out?

    * Did he state the reason why you were being unprofessional and why? If not, did you ask him? - If you didn't, would he have kicked your @$$ to holey heck if you did?

    * Was it pretty much direct order or did he attempt to have a conversation with you about it?

    I ask as the fact from your POV makes him out to be unreasonable, and I assume that you wanted a fair and unbiased opinion instead of a "yeah!! you're right he's a prick" knee-jerk response.
  15. Jealous :) does he by any chance wear a lot of Beige ?
  16. let me guess your House arnt you :LOL: :p
  17. There's a doctor on TV I always see in leathers. Dr. Vale or Rossi or sumfing :p Tell ya boss to HTFU :cool:
  18. Hey Kyo3,

    Are you a nurse by any chance? If you are, why not try and catch Senior "I don't like leathers" when the moment is right - ie, bad mood free, and ask nicely what the problem was.

    If the answer is that it's not appropriate for a nurse, why not refer you senior (politely) to the updated code of ethics for nurses from the ANMC. Particularly statements 6 and 8.

    For point 6 you were showing this kid that you too like riding and wear safety gear.

    For point 8 you were promoting wellbeing by showing a kid that likes riding that nurses ride bikes too and take precautions in case of an off.

    I think it also falls under the banner of showing patients that you care. Unless you were inside his boy in the bubble tent after saying goodnight on the plague ward. :shock:

    Failing that you could try pointing out that you were off duty and suggest they have a look at the next bike RTI that comes in...
  19. senior. management. enough said!

    holier than thou complex. :evil:
  20. Sounds like you had knocked off for the day and were on the way out....

    If that is the case your not really working so i dont see what the persons problem is?

    Would agree with the comment if you were doing the rounds in your leathers, but not if you were just paying someone a visit out of work hours.