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Motorcycle gear storage

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Barters81, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. So what do you guys do for storage of your motorcycle gear when you're home?

    My Mrs is pretty patient, but is fast coming to the end of that patience in regards to my bike stuff being "all over the place".

    Now, I'm pretty sure my bike gear only ever lives in one small corner of the house.....but matter it does not. I need a better solution.

    Looking at these bike gear racks around the place like this...

    Shelf Mate

    But thinking I could Macguyver something up for really cheap. I'm sure some of you have home made solutions.....care to share?

  2. We had an old wardrobe in the garage, hang jackets and pants in main part, boots, etc at the bottom, then the shelf with separate sliding doors at the top had helmets and gloves, etc. Worked well but did take up a bit of space.
    Now we've got a shelf for helmets and gloves, with hooks to hang jackets and pants under that, boots, etc on the floor under that. More compact, but can collect more dust and so on.
  3. Was thinking about a small cupboard in the garage.

    My issue is I need to get my helmet up high enough off the ground so little grubby fingers can't get a hold of it and drop it. A cupboard could serve that purpose. The main problem is I've now got 3-4 pairs of gloves, shoes/boots, 3 jackets, 2 x pants etc etc. I'm accumulating gear faster than I ride.
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  4. Just watch out for condensation in the garage. Might be worth sticking one of those "cat-litter" type tubs in the cupboard that sucks the moisture out of the air, remember to change it every couple of months.
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  5. Yeah good call. I have a walk in robe that I could use for it which is probably a better environment.
  6. I have the same problem, but I refuse to keep gear in the garage. Too many spiders and mice. My mother hates all my gear cluttering up the spare room (mind you, I'm 49 and her carer so live with her), but I put my foot down this time. No clothes in the garage!!
  7. 2 x pants + 2 x jackets hanging in wardrobe, helmet in bag on wardrobe floor.
    Gloves in Ventura bag on bike, which lives in the garage.

    So far, so good.

    As I accumulate more gear, my street clothes are slowly being compressed. That situation will come to a head one day, I'm sure.
  8. I made a sort of laundry cupboard.

    Bunnings and others sell pre drilled melamine in lengths up to 2400mm. 16mm thick and 580mm wide.
    The next width below is 480mm.
    2 of the each gets you 2 sides, a top and bottom, and a back and up to 5 shelves.
    I have boots on the top one, her helmet and gloves on one, my helmet and gloves on one and then there's plenty of hanging space below.
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  9. Nice one, got a photo? Any idea of the damage for that set up?

    I ask as the shelf mate above is $50 and could be a go for people without too much gear.
  10. Try searching online or garage sales for a two door metal cabinet lockable height adjustable shelves not bugs or spiders can get in them and can often be picked up for a good price.[​IMG]
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  11. I've got something similar going.........


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  12. I plan to do something like this soon:
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  13. I'll get a photo on the weekend.
    All built, less than $100, but it does depend how tall you want it, and if you need a door.
    We went as high as you could fit in the room, and didn't need a door, but I have built full wardrobes out of similar materials. Work on about $100 per unit at 500mm wide and 600mm deep, including all screws, glue and a hanging rail.
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  14. I'm not exactly sure they're spider proof....

    Plus, unfortunately, my garage is one of those zincalume ones that isn't sealed against the slab. Might be damp and definitely dusty and musty. Would be ok if I had a brick garage under the roofline like I used to have.
  15. Pfft, that wouldn't fit half my stuff :)
  16. These are all piss-willy ideas. Man up Barters81Barters81 and just build an extension on the house. The BIKE ROOM.... :D

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  17. It's coming......it's coming. We're looking at what our next house will be, Mrs wants a granny flat for her elderly mother, so I've made the claim that that's fine as long as I get a MASSIVE shed. Something capable of having a bike area, recording studio, man cave .....etc etc. She agreed. So now I'm not sure if I've been played, or I played her.

    I like the idea above with the little LEDs though. Looks cool.
  18. [​IMG]

    I fear you've fallen for the old bait 'n switch there fella.
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  19. Well now I have more info, I know a concretor and a builder and for a small fee we can solve all your problems. ;-)
  20. I bought a cheap wardrobe from bunnings, closes up and does the job.