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Motorcycle gear in gosford

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by rcdarkangel, May 1, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Heading into rick andrews motorcycles in gosford tommorow to pick up some gear. Will be spending what I consider to be a lot of money.


    Any hints on what sort of gear I should be looking at? I will be picking up a helmet, gloves and jacket if I can afford it all. I wanna get something somewhat good but dont want to blow all my cash.

    Not having bought this sort of gear before any help would be great. Also if anyone has had any dealings with this shop and wants to offer any comments that would be great.

  2. New to bikes I guess?

    Most important things are helmet, jacket and gloves. Then boots and pants. If you're going to do alot of riding and can afford to get it all right now, I'd get them all.

    I spend 300 on helmet, 300 on jacket, 200 on boots, 200 on pants, 120 on gloves. Well thats the RRP of it all, dont forget if you're going to be buying alot of gear in one hit you can get a reasonable discount, so make sure you barter with them. If you're throwing 1200 at them (very possible) you could get it down to 1000 no problem, maybe 900. Good luck.

    edit: with winter coming keep in mind you'll want rain/cold protection. So jackets with liners you can take out are good for this, and you might want to get some cheap raincoat gear. And maybe winter gloves (I spend $20 on my winter gloves).
  3. I suck at bargaining. Very easily rail roaded.

    It is something I have been advised to do but I... cant explain it heh. I would not even know where to start.
  4. That certainly provides a much better view of what to look for in regards to my exact price range. I also took a look at the stickie as well for budgeting.

    Almost forgot the boots heh.

    Im gonna walk in with some cash tommorow but I am not sure on how to bargain? Do I just suit up and find everything I need and then sorta say hey! Im spending a lot of money gimme a discount?

    Also I dont want to appear cashed up and eager.
  5. Yep, that should work, even if you don't spend lots of dollars, there is no harm in asking for a discount.
  6. Even just saying what kind of deal can you do for me? Thats all it takes.
  7. Unless they're REAL assholes they'll give you some sort of discount with a bulk buy...but yeah, ask. And be CONFIDENT in asking. Lookin at the ground and fidgeting while saying 'soo..umm..do you think i could..you know...get a discount or something?' will most like result in them quietly laughing at you :p

    You're there to spend your money, you CHOSE them, if they don't want your money then take it somewhere else that WILL give you a discount. Portray yourself with that attitude and you should have no issue :)
  8. This is what I spent my money on

    KBC VR2 Helmet - $370
    AXO KKR4 gloves - $99
    IXON Sismic Jacket - $265
    IXON Climber Pants - $180
    Sidi Vertigo boots - $450

    All up just under $1400
  9. I have spend less than 1k

    VR2 Helmet - 320.00
    M2R Leather Jacket - 340.00
    Technic Gloves - 80.00
    Boots - 200.0

    all up 940.00 .

    When buying ask them for discount , i did :grin:
  10. When I was looking at helmets, assistant at ric andrews was very helpfull. Ric andrews isn't bad, normal dealership really. I'd happily buy a motorcycle or gear from them. Servicing is impersonal and expensive, but that's standard for the industry now sadly.
  11. Yeah I should be headin there soon. I want to have a good look around. I will be walking away with quite a lot of gear so I will push for a discount.

    Would of went sooner but I have contracted a rather nasty flu. Green everywhere!
  12. My gear tallied up like this:

    Helmet - $780
    Jacket - $290
    Pants - $220
    Gloves - $70

    = $1460

    Helmet ended up more than I was planning on paying for, but the cheaper ones actually didn't fit as well. No issues with it though, you've only got one head.

    Also a pair of Colorados for about $100 (look better than proper M/C boots imho) :p

    It's always worth asking for a discount, but like Peaah said, be confident. I ended up with about $300 off everything, but that might be because I also bought a bike :D:
  13. dude, suss a handful of stores and see if the prices differ.

    you'll make an informed decision this way. you'll be suprised by the varied prices as well as the stores attitude.
  14. Ended up getting all my gear for about 800 dollars which seems a little cheap.

    Got leather gloves with kevlar stitching.
    A nice large helmet
    Leather jacket with armour
    Pair of dri rider boots
    pair of black draggin jeans.

    The store guy was really helpfull and gave me some cash off it for buying all together.

    I dont know if the brands are great. The jacket is rjays and is nice. Little taught if that makes sense. Still I dont feel I did too bad.
  15. Good stuff, now to ride! :grin:
  16. Heh not yet.

    I was only going to by the boots so I could do my learners course. However I figured that if I was to buy everything at once even though I did not need it yet I would get a discount. Which is what happened so yay!

    Im trying to wear the leather in lol!
  17. For those that are interested or want to let me know what they think can take a look at the pictures using the link below: