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Motorcycle gang snatch £2m in diamonds in 39 second raid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/crime/article6807812.ece#cid=OTC-RSS&attr=2015164

  2. I wonder what sort of bikes there were on. Look like motards.
  3. that red one almost looks like a scooter...
  4. Ahh perhaps it is. That'll explain why they are stealing jewellery and not something manly like steak.
  5. them's scooter rides are an absolute menace to society...

    if you see a bling'd up scooter riding around, I think we have our suspect...
  6. Pfft. Girly men steal steaks. Real men steal cows and handsaws.

    But doing so on a motorcycle does raise some practicality issues.
  7. Nar mate, I've seen some mates ride with cows on the back before.....................................
  8. Exactly. How are you supposed to get the attention of that 20 something y/o with a cow on your back?
  9. The cow on the back was probably a 20 y/o something once too..........
  10. Now that it's publicised , wait for the copy cats to follow :LOL:
  11. They were on KTM's, 1 Superduke and 2 690 sm's or dukes

    At least they have great taste in bikes :grin:
  12. BLASPHEMER!!!!!!!!


    Bow in the presence of the almighty KTM Superduke :LOL:
  13. Scooterduke?
  14. definitely a scooter rider then.
  15. was on chan 10 news, bloke was looking straight at the camera when they took off, not a care in the world
  16. Just another day at the office for him lol
  17. some more street cred for the mighty superduke!
  18. My money's on a new KTM ad.