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Motorcycle funnies

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by devochka, May 12, 2010.

  1. #1 devochka, May 12, 2010
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    Add your motorbike related funny vids, jokes, pics here!

    American comedian:



    Men.. :) :

    Hehe.. I shouldn't laugh...but I did:

    2 chicks in the car with the Harley that crashes...been posted before but can't remember what movie it's from:

    Not funny, but still bike related.

    Old ad..sounds Aussie. Haven't seen it on the forums before:

    For the ladies (what a hottie!):
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    ..he's cute, but not hot!! :)

    ..interesting take on training and eating habits!!... :p
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  3. haha that gixxer ad is great, but next time maybe i best turn the volume down a bit...
  4. Love the harley crash scene :)
  5. I too am very fond of that Gixxer ad...first time I saw it told myself it wouldn't be too long before seeing it again... Thanks devochka :)
  6. all good stuff thanks for posting
  7. Thought this was chuckleworthy...
  8. Hi ya Dave72. I grew up in Gatton many years ago. My wife says that's crap cause I haven't grown up yet!
  9. Hey Hotrod, growing up is over rated anyway haha. I dare say Gatton hasn't changed much since you left!
  10. Was there last Chrissie. Took my misses out there to show her around, and she wouldn't stop laughing.Most unkind.Worse still I took her to Murgon where I was born and now she knows why I haven't grown up. Your right the place has changed very little in 30 odd years.
  11. 103.

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  12. When you can't afford a motorcycle at least you can have part of the experience.

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  13. What's the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a Harley? The dirtbag is underneath the vacuum cleaner.

    Jk, any rider is ok with me.
  15. Gatton born and raised right here.
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  16. I was born there in 81, left in 98. Old man owned the toy shop for 25 years in the middle of town. Small world.
  17. commercial...

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  18. Justus.
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  19. Had to watch that all the way through to see how he (she ?) takes off, surprisingly did it quite well o_O
  20. Nice rims :p

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