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Motorcycle first aid

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iahawk, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. hi everyone.

    Now i just wanted to see if their is any interest out their in wanting to know some first aid specifically relating to motorcycle trauma e.g. Removing a helmet whilst maintaining spinal alignment, how to deal with fractured femurs etc.. If people have read some of my other posts i have mentioned that i have worked in the health/medical industry for over 7 years now and am currently a paramedic. If their is interest i will start a new thread and post some DO'S and DON'TS if you happen to be riding with a group and one of the riders has a serious accident. These tips may not only keep the rider comfortable until paramedics arrive, but may also save the riders life or prevent them from being a para/quadraplegic.

    so guys and gals let me know....
  2. How about write up something easy to comprehend for everyone and get it stuck!


    I'm sure people would appreciate it, i know i would.
  3. Yep, me to mate.
  4. Yep, would be great to have a first aid guide for bike injuries - I still haven't got a good grasp of how to handle a broken collar bone after 2 first aid courses, seemed to get conflicting advice from different trainers. Asked a bike specific question at my last course and the guy looked at me like "well, if you're gonna ride a motorcycle you're asking for it anyway so I don't really give a stuff..."

    Suggestions of what to pack in a bike sized first aid kit would be useful too (I carry 2 roller bandages, a triangular bandage, some non-stick dressings, and disposable gloves, but figure if I need anything else I'm willing to sacrifice a tshirt or two. I also have duct tape and a knife under the seat).
  5. There was a motorcycle first aid course organised on here a while back but I couldn't make it to that one. I am definitely interested in doing a Motorcycle first aid course and I know my girlfriend is too. Last first aid course I did was about 11 years ago in high school
  6. Yep I'm interested. Post away. :)
  7. We'd love a m/cycle specific article to be added to Netrider.

    The articles page - https://netrider.net.au/articles/ - is a great place for it because it can be done in PDF etc. allowing more formatting and images etc.
  8. definately and should be a sticky. Also need to include things like getting the bike off the road, traffic control, what to say when you ring "000". I have been to 2 serious accidents whilst riding with a group now, ones where the rider couldn't move at all. Lots of less serious ones. Recovery position, shock, etc,
  9. in case anynoob reading this dose'nt allready know, never try to remove someones helmet yourself...very important you don't, remember that.
  10. Yes pls more then to read it.
  11. Great idea, probably worth putting in a disclaimer that it's no substitute for proper medical training?

    In relation to what Azz mentioned above - what about a netrider motorcycle first aid training day? Perhaps something we could organise a bulk discount on.

    I have family in management positions of the Ambulance service, I know they provide some training courses. I'll find out what the options are and post back.
  12. Definately would be interested
  13. I'll go if I'm in Melbourne at the time. I'm also renewing my level 2 first aider next month.

    There is some stuff on the web about a first aid kit for motorbikes, though knowledge is more important than any kit. Just the normal stuff really for the kit but in the larger sizes. The one unusual item you might need is an instrument for cutting through motorbike gear. Is there anything else you might need that wouldn't normally be in a decent kit?

    And what do you think about the demise of the jaw-thrust? Discuss.
  14. This is definitely what I was talking about and if it could be held on a weekend then I'd put my name and Jadey's down. I could easily get a few others if the course could be organised?

    I'm more of a hands on learner, a motorcycle first aid article would still be better than nothing, but an actual course would be more beneficial for people like me ;)
  15. A course would be great, but a Netrider article as well would be helpful for those of us too far away to attend....
  16. well its great to hear that so many people want an article i will start preparing one and post it in a few weeks (i will work on it between work hours). Just remember for the time being that if you come across someone injured doing something is better than nothing. i often get asked about wether or not the person injured can sue the first aider (yes their are some real pieces of work in this country!) what people need to remember is that citizens are covered by the "good samaritans act" which in a nut shell means that if what you were doing was in the best interest of the injured person then you are covered by law. Basically just dont do the all saints thing of shoving a pen in someones neck to help them breathe!!
  17. Yeah definitely.
    Wouldn't it be nice if the TAC could use some of our safety levy money to train us in such.
  18. NSW riders St John's ambulance is doing a specific motorcycle first aid course...several sessions coming up for anyone interested ( $100 )
  19. Air goes in and out, blood goes round and round, anything else is bad.