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Motorcycle Fails!

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Jaytee, Jan 30, 2015.

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  2. I can't believe there are so many stupid people out there.....

    .... oh wait

    .... yes I can:hilarious:o_O
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  3. Looks like a Netrider group run to me.

    Edit: Not the ones I run :p
  4. Hahaha. I've watched so many of these videos on YouTube. They serve a great purpose of showing us why to not try to be a hero. At least not in a singlet in front of a crowd anyway!
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  5. Some of that was painful to watch!
  6. As much as those are painful to watch, push bike stacks take the prize for sheer pain..

    *wipes tears from laughin' so much
  7. Wow, gotta find out where these numb nuts buy their cavlar singlets, t-shirts and hoodies. Maybe its in the same place as you buy cavlar double pluggers. Or perhaps not....... Oggies?!? Maybe Oggies will help:clown:
    Over confidence'll bit you in the butt each time. OUCH!!!
  8. OUCH, well that gave my littlest of men a giggle and a whole lotta "aughhhhhhhh mum that'll hurt" lol
  9. At least they had a helmet, well most of them.. doesn't stop you face planting though and getting knocked out..
  10. Definitely a lot of aughhhhh moments but a heck of a lot of laughter, especially at the guy sliding his bike on rails with cross bars what the heck was he expecting? You gotta wonder.
  11. Yeah and the guy winning the race.. priceless!
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  12. Mind you in a house of trouser, testosterone and over all male bravado, I've witnessed some pretty "oh dear, we're off to the ED yet again" moments. Boys and their toys, you have to love their sense of adventure or you'd end up in a mental ward.
  13. Heck my eldest knocked himself out playing soccer, so focused on the ball he ran smack bang right into the goal posts
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  14. Yeah a few footballers have done that running into the goal posts trying to take a mark as well.

    I practice martial arts , luckily for me no broken bones, but have witnessed a few KOs in my time.
  15. The best I think I can personally muster up is skateboarding behind a bus after watching Back to the Future, would of done alright if the bitumen didn't run from smooth to rough (bloomin rock) and my only safety gear was a netball skirt. Bitumen rash was a bit of a bugger :dead:
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  16. All those pretty bikes that never had a deserving master.