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Motorcycle 'fads'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. In another thread, I mentioned a brief 80's fad for adjustable bar-ends. In the close to 40 years I have been riding I remember a whole swag of such fad's. Some came and went quickly like the adjustable bar-ends, and some made it into production bikes, like belly pans.

    What fad's can you remember that did or did not make it, and why?

    And what current 'hot items' do you think will go the way of the DoDo?
  2. Sports bikes with their sadistic forward riding positions. One day we'll think "WTF were we thinking?" :LOL:
  3. Don't know if I can agree to that one Dan. I have a picture of my old man on an ancient Velocette with a racing seat, a megaphone exhaust, and 'clip-ons' half way down the forks. If looked bloody cruel, every bit as bad as a modern sportsbike, maybe worse......we must be slow learners.
  4. The honda VF1000R had fully adjustable clip-ons, which haven't taken off unfortunately.
    They were one of the best features of that motorcycle, the handlebars could be adjusted to suit almost any rider.
  5. Getting your bike restricted bike license in qld right now.

    Its a growing fad.. at the start of this year you could buy a 250 without having to pay ridculous amount of money for them and i swear there were more available.
    I feel like i'm copping the point ruff and painful end of this stick. Maybe its just me, has anyone else noted this..
  6. No, I suggested it in jest... we'll still have race positions in years to come. I predict, however, the evolution of electronically-adjustable riding positions that raise/lower the bars and shift the pegs to allow you to select different posture types... or at least i wish they would. :)
  7. Absoooolutely. I had to send to Germany for some 'Verholen' bar risers to get the riding position I wanted on my BMW. Adjustable bars are such an obvious idea I can't understand why they are not 'mainstream'.
  8. I'm with Dan on the 'adjustable bars' stuff, and I ride a naked bike!!! I haven't done anything with the Hornet, but with every other bike I've owned, the first thing I've done has been to junk the standard bars and fit a set that gave a decent riding position!
  9. My CBX 550's had adjustable bars too (1982 model)
  10. What about linked brakes? Will they become standard as they improve? or are they just a passing fad that will go to hell in a basket?
  11. I hope they go to hell in a hand basket... they certainly deserve to! They are a poor and not very effective substitute for ABS.

    Either give us ABS or save the unsprung weight and give us unlinked standard brakes I say!

    And before the Honda owners jump up and down screaming... look how many times Marty's VFR has fallen over due to the linked brakes *runs away really quickly*
  12. i remember along time ago i saw in a magazine a bike which you sit on in sports bike style for going fast......but for cruising you could adjust the pegs/steering wheel or whateva and it gave you a more upright riding position. It was kinda like a transformer of some sort, like the cartoons?

    i reckon that would be cool but seeing as how its not on any production bikes there must've been some problems with the idea
  13. Linked brakes for sure. Stupid idea but then again I'm the kind of guy that gets annoyed by ABS in cars.

    If I want to lock the wheels and crash who are you to stop me?
  14. Moto Guzzi pioneered linked brakes years ago and Honda saw it as a technical challenge and ran with it. I'm not convinced.

    Back in my day, being able to control your own braking separated the men from the.....ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz
  15. lol

    there are issues with abs though,

    If by chance a wheel can get airborne while braking hard (eg hitting kurb or median stip at speed) they have been known to lock on leaving still you way out of control. People who are taught to brake properly without it may have more control in that style situation. Mind you thats probably a very very small chance... But it can happen.
  16. Anti-dive mechanisms on the front folks, linked to the front brakes. Big in the 80's

    Also Laverda did a really good adjustable handle bar back in the 70's

    Could be adjusted from sports touring to low-clip on position and anywhere in between
  17. Automatic Transmission
    lazy yanks loved it, everyone else hated it
    one guy in the US build auto-trans setups for harleys
    The 70's Honda 750 Auto has a small but loyal following, model only stayed in the market for around two years.
    Can-Am built an auto dirt bike back in the 70's? And KTM are flirting with it at the moment (?).
    But really, isn't part of the joy of motorcycling changing your own gears???
  18. Yeah, I've got a Subaru and get it on tramlines and prod the brakes in the right way and you end up with your foot on the floor and no braking. Seems to crop up when you've got three wheels on a low grip surface and one with full grip.

    Had traction control bung me into a tree before as well. Was sideswiped by some tard in a Commordore. That kicked the tail out and when I went to give it some juice to drive out of the slide TCS thought otherwise and I did a lovely pirouette into a tree on the inside of the bend.
  19. Still around, at least with BMW (all models except singles), and Yamaha at least until a couple of years ago, not sure (big tourer, can't remember model, nice bike though.
  20. An automatic motocross bike would be awesome