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Motorcycle Fads

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jphanna, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. The thread on ‘R1’s Riders Beware’ inspired my thoughts on FADS. Surely a blinged up R1 rider is just a current fad. Is 'SQUIDING' a current M/bike fad?

    There have been heaps of car fads over the decades.

    Fox tails on aerials
    CB Radios
    Diffs painted orange
    Moon disks
    Dragway rims
    Jacked up backends
    Milo tins (one guy actually had a real Milo tin with the Milo label still on it!)
    Chev badges on holdens
    Frangipani Stickers on windows
    Hot Dog mufflers
    Fluffy dice hanging on mirrors

    I am new to the M/bike world, but over the last few decades, what other M/cycle fads have you noticed, or done yourself?

    (i just noticed the same thread was suggested in 2005....sorry guys)
  2. I've noticed the number of streetfighters has died right off. Even Motards seem to be thinning a little
  3. ^^ naked's are where its at though! Leave the tupperware for the kitcken
  4. In Sydney this year there didn't seem to be the influx of riders in the spring there was in previous years. Probably a combination of high greenslips for small bikes, cheap petrol ($1.15 back then) and GFC cracking down on second vehicles.
  5. Bullet hole stickers.
    Jesus Fish stickers.
    "If the can read this the b!tch fell off" T shirts.
  6. Hyosungs.
  7. I love the illuminated tyre valve cap at night
  8. Years back, when my daughter was 5 years old, she had that on her first two wheeler complete with training wheels.
  9. peal white
  10. helmet mohawks
  11. Ghutra (غترة) for a neck scarf. For you a fad, for me a way of life!
  12. Deus.

    Unless you're minted and can justify $18,000 for a near new 400 single with Ohlins suspension
  13. Squiding is not a FAD and it will continue to exist (thankfully) I personally love seeing someone on a dirtbike/motard tearing up the streets with a t-shirt and jeans on.
    Also i have ridden with a scarf on once during winter (when i couldnt afford a nice winter jacket)-(was using a leather jacket from Vinnies) It is a lot of fun flying around with a scarf trailing one metre behind you.
  14. Those fkn 'child on board' thingos, even when there is none!

    T\Lets also hope that the 'soccer mums' and there 'barley able to park/drive this fcker' 4X4's are a 'fad' too!
  15. "Real Aussies drive UTES" stickers.

    You have to be a Tool to have one of those...
  16. I was walking through car park with my daughter. There was this bloke trying to park a newish 4wd. Something like a Lexus. anyway the windows were down and this bloke was just struggling to get it into the space.

    so I said rather loudly to my daughter "Hold my hand. This lady is having trouble parking her car".

    I wonder if he's sold it yet.
  17. Thankyou Pterodactyl.
    That post might be relevant to those in the city with bustling traffic. But those like myself that can ride on a highway at 120 km/h for 30-45 mins without seeing another vehicle at times, i'll think i'll take my chances ;)
    Carry on
  18. The manufacturers have gone through a few.

    16" Front wheels.
    Bloody silly acronyms.
    Not producing anything without a fairing (back in the late 80s).
  19. what was the 'percieved benefit of 16" front wheel?