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Motorcycle Ergonomics Simulator

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Takamii, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. My Sponsored racer J-Rad sent this to me so I thought to share it with my peers here at netrider


  2. Hey nice one Taka - interesting to compare your current ride to one you might be thinking about...
  3. Cheers mate, I have seen this site before & was trying to track it down again...
  4. It's funny when it tells you you cannot reach the pegs.

  5. That's a great website, thanks for that!
  6. Already passed the link on to everyone I know
    Thanks !

    cheers michael
  7. Got the same message, funny, I reached the pegs on the showroom models.

    This thing need to be stickied, been very helpful. The Daytona 675R seems to be a better fit than the regular 675.
  8. Nice link. I did it for me on my bike - with the feet on the pegs, and with the feet on the ground. Is my bike perhaps a little bit too big for me? 8-[
  9. That depends, is it comfortable?

    I'm about the same in terms of ground reach, cant quite flat foot both feet.. but with one on the rear brake and left foot down its easy as piss to keep it steady even in gusty crosswinds.

    Whether or not the forward lean is an issue just comes down to if it hurts to go for a 2 hour highway stint or not.
  10. The simulated me looks so right on the Street Triple. A year to go till I can test this theory.
  11. Really interesting, too bad it doesn't have a honda cb1100f on it... Pity I really wanted to see a stick figure me on one
  12. haha, good find!
  13. Shame it's Mostly newer bikes, which is kind of pointless because it's pretty easy to check the ergonomics of a new bike, just sit one one in a showroom. It'd be awesome if it had all the older stuff that new riders might be looking at, so I could for instance put in my girlfriends measurements (she's like 5'3" if we're being optimistic) and rule out a lot of bikes straight away.
  14. Oh ye gods I *do* look like a circus bear. Fortunately I don't have to look I guess...
  15. me on my wr250x

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  16. Why can't it take in to account my beer gut???

    It would make it a lot more accurate!
  17. just draw it on in paint :)
  18. So for us newbs... is there meant to be an ideal lean/angle/whatever for particular bikes? Or is it just based on what feels comfortable, and reaching?
  19. Me on my husky