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Motorcycle encyclopaedia

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by hornet, Aug 20, 2005.

  1. Some of you probably know this page, but http://www.bikez.com/ has an online listing of specs and stuff about nearly every bike that's been made, sorted in chronological order and model (left panel)
    If you can't find a bike here, it probably wasn't made in the first place!!

  2. interesting
  3. Useful stuff.

    Missed Royal Oilfield tho :)
  4. yeh, it's a good site, A bit "light on" for detail in some areas, but a useful resource.

    Perhaps we should have our own online encyclopaedia. You know, nirvana roads, map of where groberts lives, gps positioning for all kangaroos in Victoria when marty's out riding, you know the sort of thing!!
  5. Not a bad site but apparently my bike doesn't exist.
  6. I know its not a very common bike, but I can't find the Honda CBR250RR in there. :p
  7. Probably because both the Katana and the 250RR were models that were primarily produced for the domestic Japanese market rather than a worldwide release???
  8. It reckons the '05 R6 can hold 4.6 litres of FUEL. Not very impressed by the quality of the data, but the comparo ability is pretty useful.
  9. 'Tis done.
  10. But an '05 R6 CAN hold 4.6 Litres of fuel.....

  11. True but I filled out their "submit a bike" form for the 250 Katana anyway, now it's just a question of waiting to see if they add it.