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Motorcycle DVD

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by KiwigalSal, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. When I got my L's & license I was shown snippets from a DVD with Wayne Gardiner called Ride On. As a newish rider I was really interested in viewing the whole thing so I set about trying to buy a copy from the various Govt dept I was directed to....no joy though as I've been told it's no longer available to buy.

    I've found it online but not as download. Does anyone know where I can get a copy?


  2. Hi, if you want to ride in one sat morning to prac session in st kilda I am sure we can get you a copy for free, it's a good learning tool but i think sat morn sessions are great for learners, theres a groupd of people that ride up from your way, have a look at the Sat Prac Session thread and meet up, some meet at Mordialloc on beach rd before heading in.
  3. I've got them

    PM sent.
  4. There you go Kiwigalsal, Hawklord is one of two [GreyBm being the other] that organise saturday morning prac sessions for all to come and learn and 'grow' as riders, if you let Hawklord know, he'll bring you a copy as well provide great riding tips as well..
  5. Saturday morning practice is organised????
  6. sorry I sit corrected, saturday morning prac sessions, hmmm, errrr, well, they just happen :) materialise, if they didnt, you wouldnt have at least 20 bikes turn up, nor would you have about 60 bikes turn up for first session of 2012!! Fair point to say 'they are popular'??? :)
  7. Well blow me down!

    Never thought I'd ever see Greybm and organized in the same sentence.
  8. Not without "dis" being somewhere between both words :p

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  9. Thanks everyone....some amusing responses to my question!
    I'd like to attend the Sat prac sessions but I work on the weekends :(
  10. well then the only way to get you a copy would be with someone that comes up on a sat morn, that lives down your way, OR, you could maybe turn up to a 'coffee night' where someone can pass it on to you.

    I dont live down your way, and [as bad as it sounds] dont go to coffee nights, so that counts me out. anyone got a suggestion? and keeping it clean please :)
  11. Send dvd in the mail, OP watches and returns same when finished, perhaps with a small BWS or Caltex Gift card in the same box as a thanks to the sender?

    Just putting it out there....
  12. Thanks everyone.

    Problem solved because Hawklord is sending me one......and Tallstreak...I'm doing just that!
  13. Respi had sent me 30 copies of that DVD at one point to distribute around Darwin.
    I didn't know many other riders so ended up giving most of them to the guys who do the training courses and they were very grateful as even they couldn't get their hands on any. The NT Government wasn't helpful in supplying them.
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  14. Nice one!!!