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Motorcycle Dryer

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dan, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. What's wrong with taking it for a spin-dry?


    # The Blaster cuts drying time as much as 75 percent
    # Blows warm, dry, clean, filtered air
    # Eliminates water spots
    # Safer, more effective than compressed air or leaf blowers
    # Prevents rust
    # Lightweight and portable
    # Rugged all steel construction
    # 4.0 peak HP motor
    # 10 ft. heavy-duty hose
    # Heavy-duty rubber blower nozzle
    # 4 interchangeable attachments

  2. But does it also inflat the spare bed? :D
  3. Half an hour at 80kph usually does it for me. Don't waste $200 on a dryer, go for a ride instead... 8)
  4. Something wrong with a blower/vac?

    I tried that once, after it being recommended by a biker friend of mine, and it worked just fine, but took bloody forever.

    Was quicker to just go with the chamois.