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Motorcycle - Drug of choice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ajrider, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. So people tell me that my motorcycle is my drug of choice. I try to tell them it's not a drug. i don't do drugs. I'm not a user! So I've decided to do a comparison to prove them wrong!

    Drugs make you feel bigger than life. OK - so riding does too...

    Drugs make you forget your problems. OK - so does riding...

    Drugs are expensive and suck your cash away. Hmm - so does motorcycles

    People who make mistakes with drugs can die. Ok - so can riders who make mistakes

    Drug can cause people to ignore their responsibilities - hmm... so can motorcycles...

    Drugs are addictive... Um - yep... so are motorcycles...

    Drugs have dealers... so do motorcycles... oh strewth I'm in trouble here..... who's idea was this list again?

    Drugs can hurt people - yet most still seem to return to them.... erk I see a pattern!

    People warn of the doom of drug us.... Great - doomsday merchants warn of the doom of motorcycles too!

    Drugs are illegal. Motorcycles aren't. Ah there! See - motorcycles are NOT a drug. :p

    Let's hope they don't legalise marijuana soon, (or criminalise motorcycles) or I'll have to admit I'm a user ;-)
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  2. OK - being serious... (The first post was a bit of a prelude and a bit of humour - but also serving to make a point).

    I got out for a ride on the weekend. Was feeling a bit lousy before hand - stressed out about stuff, etc. Took all of a few minutes to leave that behind - and I was stuck on a high for ages after the ride!

    So what is it about riding that actually makes me feel this way? (Psychologically speaking). I know the original post was a bit of a tongue in cheek, but there's more truth hidden in there than I care to admit. Motorcycle riding does give me high's. What's worse - I sometimes think I also get withdrawl symptoms - it really does seem like a drug to me in some ways.

    Has anyone come across any studies (or have any interesting conclusions) why riding has such an impact on us?
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  3. #3 Bravus, Nov 25, 2015
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    I wonder whether it's meditative: if you're doing it right there's not room for much in your head besides paying attention to what you're doing. And you're doing it with your whole body. If it drives out the swirling thoughts that get you down or stressed, that's gotta help.
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  4. Riding a 1000cc bike on RE licence is illegal. Riding at 200km/hr = illegal. not stopping for the popo when going 200km/hr = illegal. 110db exhaust... etc...

    Plus, valium, rhohypnal, codeine = legal.

    Maybe that ones a little grey.
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  5. There's a study linked somewhere on NR (and admittedly funded by one of the Japanese manufacturers) associating riding with improved psychological health.
    CBF'd searching for it.
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  6. Endorphins? Dopamine?
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  7. Na, you're thinking of morphine
  8. Yeah the fun chemicals my brain releases are great and the meditative aspect as stated, all of that.

    A sense of achievement when it comes to perfecting the technical aspects, getting better through that fav twisty section and the fact it's the only cool factor I have going.
    I Love it + what else would i do with my weekend that adds such joy to my existence.
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  9. I'm sure there are physiological factors involved in feeling good from riding, but I also think that the psychological aspect of us EXPECTING to feel good riding can't be discounted. There are many things you can do that turn out not to be as much fun as they promised, and I'd guess drugs and booze fit into that category, but riding seldom disappoints...
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  10. Yup!

    As my wife sometimes tells me:"Just go for a medicinal ride."

    Yesterday was a classic.... I wasn't feeling too flash...had various boring bits and pieces to do... but thought, bugger it, lovely day, the 125 is due for an outing, so off I went.

    Traffic was silly, but with a wee narrow and light machine, I was carving it up no probs.

    Began to feel better.

    Riding the wee two-stroke, you have to work quite hard at it....there is no "cruising gently" concept on that bike. :)

    By the time I got home, I felt great...knocked over the boring jobs real quick.

    But, a word of caution, if we accidentally let too many folk know how much we enjoy riding, the pollies will almost certainly try and make the whole thing illegal. :-(
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  11. @ Bravus

    Yes, that's prolly it. It's the total experience of being a part of the machine it can be as if one is dreaming and flying.
  12. One of my other "things" is flying paraglider. One of the cross country flying legends once described the addiction as having a rat inside him. The rat NEEDS to be fed. Sometimes he only needs a little bit to scratch the itch but once he's been fed and is satisfied, it's only a matter of time until he will need more. My rat needs feeding pretty often, in one form or another.
    (It sounds a bit macabre, but you know, he doesn't really think there's a flying rat inside, just illustrates the way he feels about it ;-) )
  13. I had a big list of jobs to be done today, thought it didn't pan out that way.

    I rode across the city and had a big dirty Philly Cheese steak from a pub in Fitzroy with my mate.

    Guiding my cranky bastard of a bike smoothly through heavy traffic takes some finesse, but man does it make getting from A to B a blast.

    Even set off the odd car alarm. Fookin mint.
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  14. Don't have a hangover the next morning either! (y)
  15. Caught up with a mate this morning who I haven't seen in ages. He made an interesting comment. We were talking about mental health in general and said to me "You will never see a motorcycle parked outside a psychologist's office"

    I thought that was worth repeating.
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