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Motorcycle Drifting

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goz, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. I love watching bikes drift, awesome talent to have

    Heres a compilation, some have been posted before, some haven't.

    Favourite one

    Ill add more later
  2. ~ 1:17 - 1:30 ish in the bottom clip was one of my favourites there, Goz !
    Drift followed by wheelie ! That's control !!!
    Nice vids mate.

    Oh, and is that an awesome K5 pulling off an awesome drift/wheelie at ~ 3:14 ;)
  3. That's a sick clip Goz. Awesome.
  4. I'm going to steal these for my p0rn collection.
  5. ....you know the more I watch drifting the more I want to do it. Doesn't look that hard eh?
  6. I'd probably high side it trying it lol
  7. Drifting is awesome! that top one of the rx7 vs zx10 is sick!

    And if you youtube Nick Brocha, pfft that dude can ride like you wouldn't believe!

    and now back to work..
  8. Damn you Goz!! Now all I can think about is leaving work early to practice some rolling burnouts
  9. Been practising 'drifting' on SBK 08 game, PSP this morning (hate being on Standby !)...
    Does this count mate ?
    Though, luckily it's on a game...crashed and burned many times !
  10. I was reading up a bit on the zx10 rig that wotshisname drifts with. The length of the swing arm is adjustable so he can dial it it in, and the rear shock has been replaced with a solid strut so the rear doesn't have anywhere to go except sideways. I wonder what a stretch SV would look like?


    .....hmmm, homosexual?


    Yep. Takes it up the bum.

    This on the other hand has promise...


    Can't afford to chop a BMW though. So I might have to take a grinder to the SV again.
  11. Would it be easier to drift an I4 than a twin?
  12. Mate i have no idea but I'd like to find out. Not sure if the drifter is running stock sprogs or not either.
  13. so that zx10 is a hardtail? i wondered how they would set that rear shock up, as with the swingarm length changing you would have to have a huge box of rear springs too.

    that sv with the chrome looks fail. it might be that i just dont like chrome on bikes though.