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Motorcycle dreams

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mr_messy, May 2, 2007.

  1. Do any of you dream about motorcycle/motorcycle related stuff?

    I just had a dream last night.

    Wasn't really the best one though. It goes like this:

    Riding down St Kilda rd (where I live) and come up to an intersection, stop at lights. See this lady on red Vespa puttering along slowly. Lorry comes from behind at a much faster speed and takes her out.
    Get off the bike and rush to her aid. As I approach I see bits of her along the way. Foot and fingers and blood. Made me feel kinda sick.
    It fast forwards til she gets taken away buy the paramedics and I get woken up from swimming in my drool, which I think is totally unrelated to the dream in anyway.

    Anyone have any bike dreams? I just found it odd that I haven't dreamt about any bike related things in the few years that I've been into bikes or the 1.5years that I've had one.
  2. I have a reoccurring dream where I keep get zapped, riding past a speed camera. I go back again and again, trying desperately to pass it without speeding, but I can't do it and keep getting flashed. :?
  3. ummm yeah - but in my case they are often more of the nightmare version - usually a day or two before my next ride.....

  4. I had a wack dream about someone stealing my bike then stacking it and some dude found it and rode it back to me even though it had one handlebar missing... i dunno how u ride without a throttle but anyway. So then I went looking everywhere for the missing handlebar and eventually found some dude that had it and looked like hed been in a stack so I killed him and took the handlebar to put back on my bike, so I took the bike to this workshop and was working on putting the handlebar back on when all these dudes with pieces of nailed 2X4 came cos I killed that dude and were going to bash me but I finsihed the bike in time and rode away from them and then the workshop exploded and they all died and I was safe and my bike was fixed.

    Longest sentence EVER!!! :grin:
  5. Welcome to real life for me.
  6. [quote='92_Ducati_900_SS]
    Welcome to real life for me.[/quote]

    Hahah! :rofl:

    In all my bike dreams I seem to be doing wheelies... I had one the other day where I took this R1 for a test ride from a dealership and I just kept riding it around doing wheelies and skidding around the place. But then I had a low speed lowside doing a particularly ambitious skid and when I took it back I remember being all nervous because the bike was all scratched up on one side. So I kept talking shit to the salesman and kept him from walking around to the side of the bike that was scratched and then he we were sitting down at his desk and hes trying to sell me this scratched up bike. And hes all "Its a great bike" and Im like "Yeah" except Im trying to figure out a way to get out of the sale because, hell, I dont want it now its scratched! [-(
  7. OK thats a real coincidence, I had a motorbike dream last night. Well it was kind of a motorcycle nightmare!

    Basically I bought an R1 but for some weird reason it reddlined at 5000rpm and the yoshi exhaust was really really quiet. :rofl: It upset me deeply :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I had a dream once ages ago in my teens. I was on a high performance sports bike. I pulled the throttle back and the such high acceleration ripped the handle bars out of my hands and I fell off the back at high speed. Just as I came off the back and hit the ground I woke up.
  9. When I was a youngin I use to dream that i was drivin a car to school but it had Motorbike handlebars and I had to wear a helmet, although you had to open the doors to get in and out.
    And I use to have this other dreanm where I was laying on this bed and these 4 ..................oops sorry wrong forum. :oops:
  10. Only bike riding dream Ive had so far involves myself on a litre+ bike on a country type road, similar to GOR. Im dressed in all black leather gear lid to toe like stealth mode, to match with the bike ;)

    Im absolutely gunning it the entire stretch, loving the feeling of the sun's warmth on the back of my leathers and really tipping every bend.

    Theres absolutely no traffic, no noise in the helmet or from the bike its all tranquil and remarkedly no wind pressure, just like Im slipstreaming the entire ride.

    Next thing I know Im on a racetrack doing the same thing but not giving a hoot whether Im winning or not cause I'm enjoying the COG & flipping the leaning changeovers too much with each & every corner!
  11. LOL, these stories are great!

    I've never had a motorbike dream! :cry:
  12. fell asleep on the train a week ago,
    dreamt i was coming around a corner at night, at a pace, when two people suddenly appeared in my headlights on the road

    jolted awake, gasping for air just as i was about to hit them
  13. hey

    had one where i take this jump at 250 ks an hour and land in turquoise blue ocean . when im in the air i think to my self "shit my bike wont run after this, my baby wil be gone.."

    then i woke up and gave it a massive hug
  14. Have plenty of motorcycle dreams; especially before i bought mine. Lately i have them too as i haven't been riding (bike un regoed). The only one i had when i was riding was of a shiny black kawa636 that i apparently bought and put right next to my R1, i kept trying to avoid eye-contact with the R1 because i felt guilty loving the 636 more... ofcourse that was a disturbing nightmare - i'd never buy a kawa, and my r1 is my baby.
  15. Makes me sick too. Why would you wanna help anyone on a vespa??? :shock: Sorry that's just evil :twisted: Only jokes all.

    These dreams are whack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Tonight, you just dont want to know my motorcycle dreams.
  17. Never thaught I'd hear phizog mention those three words in one sentence :rofl:
  18. Don't worry paul, you'll get there one day. :p
  19. Tomorow wouldn't be soon enough if i could :cry:
  20. Funny i saw this as i had one the other night, it was the 2nd one where i am mono'ing really slowly along side of people and just talking to them... the bike feels almost weightless and easy to control :LOL: