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Motorcycle Dreams

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Snowman, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. Last night I dreamed I bought a CBR250RR, but with only a month left till I get my full license and upgrade, I have no idea why I would do this lol. The dream was pretty vivid, I remember it had a factory paint scheme, I noted the bike felt very cramped compared to my ZZR250, and also noted it had a lot less tourque and you had to keep its revs high to make it move. Ive never ridden one in real life before, but now it feels like I have haha.

    How often do you dream about bikes? had any really cool ones?

    My dream was just about picking it up from the previous owner and riding it home, still interesting for me tho. O_O

  2. I've never had a nightmare like the one you just described. :eek:hno:
  3. All Netriders are programmed to talk about bikes they have never ridden by passing on 5th hand heresay as personal experience.

    You obviously haven't been doing that enough lately and your subconscious is venting this in your dreams
  4. Y'know those dreams where you're falling & you wake up bouncing on the bed?

    Well, a while ago that happened to me, except I was riding a bike through a very fast sweeping left hander & highsided.

  5. I usually dream about sex. Maybe i'll try incorporate the both tonight.
  6. sex with a bike??

    kinky :LOL:
  7. I dreamed that I owned an 1198S (after seeing a prime example of one on the ducati monster forums one night) and was on the track (never done before). I didn't get very far as I binned the bike with a spectacular highside after getting my knee down with draggins (why? i don't know) and ripping skin off my leg.

    I think there is something wrong with me.
  8. Within the last two weeks I have had three dreams about getting a Suzuki DR-Z250. It's quite annoying, because I love them and have no money to buy one! Gosh-dammit.
  9. Someone might be going to give you one

    yeah, right :roll: :LOL:
  10. I recall dreaming about a girl named Nadine who i know, wearing a bikini and sitting on my fuel tank facing me. How i managed to keep riding never seemed to come up in my mind. Especially since i couldnt see...

    All i remember about the bike was it was a monster cruiser of some sort. Im going to buy one tomorrow then go to Nadine's house.
  11. ya after a 2nd hand one? i know one that could probably go if the price was right.
  12. Your forgetting the secret, man. You ask and then you believe, then you receive the bike from the old paedophile.
  13. Oh if I had any money at all, then I'd be very interested. But am poor at the moment :cry:

    :LOL: :LOL: Oh thank you. I'm gonna be laughing for a week straight now. :LOL: :D
  14. i dreamed a coupla nights ago i got kneedown

    o sweet sweet dreams
  15. i dreamt that i was riding my mrs, then i went to sleep :)
  16. The first night after rideing my first bike I couldn't get the sound of the engine idleing out of my head.
    A while ago I had a nightmare where my SR had turned into a belt driven criuser POS 8-[
  17. And then you woke up suddenly, due to a slap that reminded you that it was no longer a dream? ;)
  18. This was obviously a dream, cbr would have beaten the pants off the zzr :p