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QLD Motorcycle discussion paper (national interest)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Ness_, May 21, 2014.

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    News article link: http://motorbikewriter.com/lane-filtering-queensland/

    Lane filtering, rider controls, helmet standards for Queensland

    Motorcycle lane filtering, common sense rules on having your hands and feet on the bars and footpegs, and international helmet standards could soon be adopted in Queensland.

    The proposals are being put forward in a discussion paper by Queensland Transport Minister Scott Emerson tomorrow. It comes after recent changes in NSW lane-filtering laws. It also follows the recent controversy of a rider being fined $146 for taking his foot off the pegs to stretch his leg while a police officer filmed doing the same thing was not fined and even the police commissioner admitted he stretched his legs while riding. As for the helmet laws, they are an ongoing issue of interstate disagreement causing confusion among riders as they cross the state boundaries. All of these issues have been discussed before on MotorbikeWriter.com. Check out some of the articles below under the heading “Stories You May Also Like”.

    The public is invited to give their opinion on the suggested changes with an online survey. (Note that they survey will be live from May 22.) To ensure riders get a fair go, I suggest every motorcycle and scooter rider click on the link and have their say.

    For a government that so hastily brought in the VLAD Act last year, the suggested law changes are quite common sense and well-considered.

    Interestingly, they don’t blindly follow the lead of NSW’s lane-filtering laws. Instead they suggest riders can still share lanes and can use kerbside breakdown lanes which is a much more sensible approach. However, there are other restrictions such as a ban on learners and new riders from lane-filtering and exclusion zones such as around schools.

    The Minister points out that lane filtering will benefit all motorists, not just favour motorcyclists. “It could ease traffic congestion and make the rules clearer for all road users,” he says.

    RACQ technical officer and a keen motorcyclist, Steve Spalding says they don’t oppose motorcyclists lane filtering but believe it is important to do so “in a safe and courteous manner and that the motorcyclist is filtering slowly through stationary traffic”. The discussion paper suggestion is up to 30km/h.

    “There are some situations, such as when large vehicles are queuing, that it is safer for the motorcyclist to wait rather than try and squeeze between vehicles and put their safety at risk,” he says. Sounds like riders should exercise some commonsense!

    “We also recognise that not all motorcyclists are comfortable with the practice of lane filtering and that it is an individual’s choice as to whether they choose to do it or not,” Steve says. “Most experienced motorcyclists are very much aware of their safety exposure in heavy traffic situations and ride accordingly.

    On the issue of using your hands and feet for control of the bike, it suggests simply dispensing with the current complex and arcane set of rules and to simply “retain broader rules in relation to motorcycle riders maintain proper control”, riding with due care and attention and not operating the bike dangerously.

    “While the intention of the rule was to prevent reckless and dangerous behaviour, it doesn’t take into account the everday practicalities of riding a motorcycle,” the Minister says. “By broadening the rules, it will mean a rider can remove their feet to reverse park, or take their hands off the handle to adjust their visor and not be in breach of the law.”

    The RACQ also supports changes that “provide a more practical approach compared to the present requirements”.

    As for helmets, the authorities have thrown up their hands and said it’s all a bit complex and shouldn’t they just let the best international standards apply! The paper even recognises the popularity of buying helmets online because they are cheaper from overseas.

    All these suggestions make a lot of sense, but we may also end up with more conflicting rules across state boundaries. It would make much more sense to have a broader national view, but at least the state is starting to make some sense and pay attention to the growing number of motorcycle riders in the state, up 18% in the past five years to 186,120 registered riders.

    It's up!

    Main consultation page
    The link to the paper
    The link to the survey
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  2. That seems like a rare outbreak of common sense.

    I am pleased to see it seeing I might be becoming a QLD rider
  3. I'm really looking forward to reading the paper, and to see how it's received in the wider community.
    The "control of the bike" stuff is just common sense.
    The helmet laws? Now they could cause an issue. Wonder how that would all be put in place, and managed by other states?
  4. While the intention is good, the devil will be in the detail. If the laws are made too vague, they're opened up to misuse by the police. If they're made too specific, they may also be open to misuse by the police. However, yes, I applaud the intent to take a step in the right direction.

    @Ness_@Ness_, when you have the link to the survey, can you post it? If possible, us interstate riders may as well help the cause. After all, if we help the cause for you, your gov's law changes may help us in putting pressure onto our gov to implement the same changes. (Y)
  5. Absolutely, will pop it up tomorrow morning once it's live. I think, but don't quote me, but I think any Qld govt discussion papers go up on the GetInvolved website (I think it's GetInvolved.qld.gov.au)
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  6. Responded!
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  7. Wait wut?
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  8. #8 Jem, May 22, 2014
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    Done, needless to say I was very supportive.... Now come on Victoria, wouldn't want to get left behind would we??

    Note a user name and password are not required to do the survey....

    Some useful words for the comments section can be found in this article - http://motorbikewriter.com/riders-can-say-lane-filtering/
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  9. I think something dodgy is happening with your PDF viewer. There is no "4." found anywhere in the document. Suggests your viewer is mixing up the numbered list at the bottom of Page 3 with the heading on the top of Page 4. It doesn't read that way in my PDF viewer :)
  10. wow - certainly didn't expect this from Queensland given the way they are behaving on other issues.
  11. Done... common sense?! Who knew it was even possible!
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  12. Haha. That quote is off the web page. Just a proof reading error just thought it was funny.

  13. Done ....YES.... about bloody time.... I have been splitting all my riding life shhhhhh don't tell anyone lol
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  14. God, we've fallen behind Queensland in the common sense stakes, sucks to be a Victorian right now :ROFLMAO:

    Survey done, hopefully they listen.
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  15. Done! Very supportive. Now if we can only get the rest of the states onside, this may develop some legs. Come on people, get behind it and have your say.
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    Touch wood but I don't think cops in Victoria (at least in my area) are all that fussed with you filtering as long as you aren't being a little to eager. I have filtered past Hwy Ptrl and normal cops doing under 30km/h and they don't seem that fussed.
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  17. Also done. Actually reads pretty well. Nice to see they're even looking at being able to ride on the 'verge' to the left of the road as well. Be bloody brilliant on the M1.
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  18. Survey Done.

    MODERATORS - can the title above be changed to National? Its a Qld issue, but anyone can fill in the survey and a lot of those Mexicans who ride up here in Sunny Qld!
  19. I also out in the comments that we should be allowed in Bus lanes.

    Reading up on it there seems to be some different types of bus lanes in QLD.

    The cycle box one is a good idea.
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