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Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by pot87, May 10, 2008.

  1. who has one? and are they any good?, i'm thinking about getting one for my motorbike. here is a clip of a Xena Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm. you may have to put that code in a new web address.
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  2. They are great from keeping dweebs off your bike, but wont stop the real scumbags. Xena locks have been discussed many times on this site so do a search.
  3. I have one of these, the alarm sometimes goes off for no reason, has even gone off while under the seat.
    When you take it off you need to do it quick otherwise the alarm goes off and defens you.
    Not 100% on the alarm functionality so I might take the batteries out and just use it as a disc lock
  4. I think mines and XN-14 and I've never had anything like that happen. You either have a faulty unit or a cheapie old version.
  5. Yep - just used as a disc lock.. !!!
  6. Works well - NOT

    I have one of these too - the manual says put it in the 6 o'clock position to stop false alarms. This worked for me for one night only - then the false alarms continued. I thought it was our dog, but saw the alarm go off without any movement around the bike, so it's definitely a faulty design. I took it back and after some robust debate with the shop, got my money back. Not Recommended!
  7. My Xena seems to go off occasionally for no obvious reason. E.g. a minute after I put it on or after I've taken it off and put it in the letterbox. :LOL:
  8. My Xena disk lock is also very touchy. I used to park next to an air-conditioning unit and it would go off non-stop. I set a Xena off on another bike just by idling past it. When i park outside i think the wind rattles it against the rotor in the 6-o-clock position. I tend to think it would be better in the 7 or 8-o-clock position just so it doesn't get excess movement.

    So yes, they are annoying touchy.

    I now just use it like a normal disk lock without the alarm.
  9. ABUS make a very solid alarmed disk lock. I bought one and think it's perfect for the job.
  10. Hi folks,

    I have a XENA disck alarm (mode XZZ6) and it tends to go off quite a lot for no reason, no movement around the bike....just goes off for no reason.

    Does anyone know if this model is faulty ??? I am thinking of taking it back and getting my money back (fingers crossed).

    Cheers, Pok
  11. Where can I score a decent alarm for $100???

    Are they easy to install yourself??

    Cheers, Pok