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VIC Motorcycle crash

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Overture, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. <edit> Thread split

    I have now been informed I have been issues an infringement notice, code: 2039, Changing lanes or line of traffic without giving way from one marked lane to another. $211 and 2 Demerits. (First road offence ever, car or bike.)

    I literally have no idea, I asked the officers at the scene if I had done anything wrong or illegal after explaining what happened, they said no.

    The infringement is issues 8/8/12 when the accident happened on the 2/8/12.
    Things were very rushed, and they didn't even give me their names or a way to contact the police and just left.

    I really don't know what to do. :(

    A brief run-down of what happened, I'm on white horse road (https://maps.google.com.au/maps/ms?...&t=h&z=21&vpsrc=1&iwloc=0004c71fd57fcd22b0979)

    I'm in the left far left lane parked, I get ready to go. I want to end up in the watts road turning lane, I'm about to set off and see traffic coming so of course I wait, then I see at the pedestrian crossing someone is going to cross. The lights went red, I waited for traffic to be stationary then proceeded to move behind one car and in front of another that was in the far right lane, signalling as I went. I was just leaving the right hand lane, this is all at walking speed or slower, my front wheel is well in the Watts Rd turning lane, when a car hits my back wheel and swing arm, knocking the bike from under me. It was 100% safe to do so, I wouldn't play with my life like that. I don't know how to proceed, should I try and contact the officer who issued the infringement, I am quite beside myself.

    Bike repair is $5600 my excess is 800ish I think, plus the fine.

    I really am freaking out, I was freaking out before with just Uni! :(
  2. Take the legal discussion to the other thread.
  3. Without getting into a legal discussion...contest it. Take it to court.
  4. ??? This was nearly two years ago.....
  5. LOL! So it was. Wonder what happened?
  6. Well I'm still around to talk about it!

    I got off on the fine, the officer was full of crap and not even present at the accident.

    They paid me out and ended up only giving me 5500 for a bike worth 7k+

    I got over it and bought a R6 and it got stolen a week after!
    (Lucky that InsureMyRide are amazing and didn't screw me around like RACV. Also parking in front of a CCTV camera helps!)

    Then sorted on a DRZ400E I did 40,000kms on that and bought a 2014 Street Triple in January this year!
    And I've been 100% since! :)

    Ride safe everyone and ATGATT I could have had at minium a broken leg and arm if I wasn't wearing gear!

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  7. I don't believe leathers will stop a broken leg, how did you go at uni
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  8. Uni also sorted itself, student services win! Back to the avoiding injury, my previous gears bioarmor was ripped to shreds, my bike landed on my lower leg at the time and without it plus my boots it would have been a bad time.
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