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Motorcycle crash video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Kaer, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. all that stuff ive got on different DVD's. a fair bit from judgement day in there.
  2. god dang thats funny

    thanks for sharing
  3. Love the guys losing balance when there standing on top of the bike :LOL:
    Quality entertainment
  4. Good flick. Although every time I see video's like that it makes me take a second tought as to practising endos and wheelies. :)
  5. Bet the last guy isn't too popular when he knocks down those parked bikes. "Not Happy Jan" comes to mind...
  6. seen heaps of those before, but that crashed endo on the yellow bike makes me laugh every time
  7. That's a brilliant recovery by that bloke at about 2min, manages to hold on and get back on...smooth. Except for all the wobbling and generally looking like a bit of a nufty. (Says he without a bike) I noticed quite a few yellow and black Gixxers, hmm, maybe telling us about the sort of people that ride them? Hmm, interesting....

  8. Why do some of them get the wobbles? I thought bikes were self correcting and the wobbles would fix themselves.
  9. Actually quite the oposite, wobblies (head shakes), if you don't back off and don't correct yourself can turn ugly. That's why there are steering dampeners as aftermarket accessories.