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Motorcycle crash test

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by icestorm, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Did a search nothing came up, after seeing this im guessing its safer to slide and hit the car or jump up if you can't stop in time.
    Was a 45km/hr test

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    Wow. Looks very .... Unpleasant.
  3. I felt my neck twinge while watching that. That dude is dead or at best a quadriplegic. I have given a bit of thought to this in the past. I'm of the mind that if i'm going to hit something head on I might as well jump and hope I clear the obstacle or for a low speed shut i'd rather lay it down and run into whatever at a lowish speed and allow the bike to absorb the impact.

    But of course given the potential situations in real life you never get a chance to think about it.
  4. I don't know why they keep getting those guys to test cars and bikes - they're all crap and keep crashing the things!
  5. Thus the Honda Goldwing's airbag, I suppose! Though given how heavy a Goldwing is compared to its cross-sectional area, I imagine it'd shear the car in two and carry on unhindered - with its pilot still sipping a latte.
  6. although the airbag stopped him going forward he still face planted the car pretty hard
  7. haha.. I pictured that in my head while reading it.
  8. While this is true, I'd still rather have whiplash and a concussion than be dead.

    Kinda hard to bail from a goldwing too, anything else I'd just bail from
  9. I should be able to answer this for you... having collected a couple, but my experience is you don't know it's about to happen. Instinct is saying something like "Look out! That was Close - Did you see that? That sucker nearly got us - [THUMP!]"

    I was taught to do a thing where you lift yourself / jump and go over the car, but the thing with that was it used a small ramp about a foot high, a trail bike, very carefully set forward speed, and a landing pad. It was all set up first. I have often thought in the real world it would be better to try it than face plant the A-pillar, but if there's time to see it coming, you should still be trying to ride your way out of it. I mean, if there's time to pick a spot and tense up your legs and arms and jump, there would have been time to turn.