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Motorcycle Crash Technology [Nat Geo]

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by teodons, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. If anyone that's got Foxtel is interested, they're showing a great program on motorcycle crash technology. 45 mins to go, watch it, it's awesome!

  2. oooo just started recording, cant interupt my top gear with a train vs a car vs a Vincent Black Shadow
  3. Sif not have downloaded that a year ago :p

    The focus of this show so far has been on designing and testing Alpinestars racing leathers. Half way to go.

    edit: The second half is about helmets [Nolan] and braking technology [Brembo].
  4. Ah damnit I missed that episode again? Bugger!](*,)
  5. what was the show called? I'll look it up in the wonderous world of Torrents.
  6. same as the topic
  7. its on again

    and will be shown again on Wed 28 Jul, 12:30 pm (iq2 is a must have) :)
  8. or download here.
  9. Pretty much an advertisement for Alpinestars, Nolan and Brembo as already stated. Some pretty cool stuff, though, especially how the racers' leathers are all wired up to sensors attached to the computer that lives in the "hump".
  10. I also liked how they showed the inner and outer helmet shells working together to disperse the force from that massive "bullet".
  11. Yeah, I was cringing every time that thing crunched down on the helmet...
  12. Don't bother with the current TPB link, it's a fake. It has motorcycles but it's all about drag racing, etc.
  13. MCT wasn't available via torrent or usenet at all. I checked frequently in the first two weeks after it originally aired in the US. I've been checking at least once a month thereafter. It never appeared.

    I doubt a copy will make it online now either. Not sure why.