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Motorcycle crash repairer?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by Overture, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. So long story short, an impatient driver hit me at a red light yesterday! I'm fine, the bike was knocked out from under me and is in relativity bad shape. RACV is asking for my to choose a Motorcycle repairer, I literally have no clue who even does crash repair over my neck of the woods, (Eastern Burbs, Ringwoodish)

    If anyone has any advise etc. it would be must appreciated!


  2. Give high octane in thomastown a call
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  3. or try Troy on 0417563600, he's in Tullamarine, all he does is bike fixes
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  4. They are both good!
  5. Good luck with it OP....

    No insurance?

    Glad you're ok - fingers crossed the repairs aren't too full-on
  6. Nah, RACV motorcycle insurance has all their offices in NSW, apparently there is only 67 people insured with them in Victoria lol!

    Anyway they don't have a list of repairers etc. so you have to choose your own, but it's going to be a write off imo. I've seen bikes written off for less.

    Front axle bent, left side fairing sheared away, handle bars twisted to kingdom come the swing arm was bent also, Same with all my pretty carbon fibre bits. either scratched up or cracked D:

    I'm lucky to be here tbh, but 2 days later and I've got 2 bruises and a cut!

    Thanks for everyone's advice!
    -Ride safe and ATGATT! :)
  7. Mick Hone and Brett at Madbiker have done repairs for us.
    With mine RACV did the assessment at the towies yard and wrote it off.
    Knew after the stack it was stuffed. Like you I got hit.

    PS Peter Stevens in Ringwood is another option
  8. +1 for Brett at Madbiker he's in Ferntree Gully and Mick Hone is in Mont Albert.
  9. Do a hear a new supermoto on the horizon perhaps ?
  10. DR-Z400 or a EXC450... possibly...

    But they might not write it off... Looks like I won't be my choice. T.T
  11. Good thing your alright though. Shitty luck tho!
  12. My triumph got repaired by these guys:


    (I went with who IMR chose, I was too hopped up on happy pills to care much).

    They were good, but did stuff me around about a time/date for it to be finished by.

    Sorry to hear about the accident. :/
  13. I bought my wr through him. (put the old man onto the owner)
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    Hate to Bump an old Thread, But I've crashed again. (Not my fault, nothing I could have done this time either.)
    This time an exchange student swerved into me on Plenty Rd in Bundoora.

    No idea what the bikes like, but its a 2014 Street Triple R.
    Police organised the Tow as this one was bad, I was MIA in the Ambulance compared to the last spill where I was fine and could go home!

    3 days later and a lot of endone I've got 2 hairline fractures and bad bruising to my ribs and collarbone.

    But its time to look for a repairer for the Bike (I can't stand doing nothing at home), I doubt its going to be a write off as the triple is valued north of 15k with all its goodies.

    The towing company advised me they normally liaise all their bike stuff through Motologic in Campbellfield. (http://www.motologic.com.au)
    Has anyone had any experience with them? Or would they suggest another shop for the repair a little closer to home? (Still Eastern Suburbs. think Ringwood/Mitcham)
    I was looking at Madbiker and SixtyDegrees.
    The bike has heaps of after-market accessories. (All listed on the Policy).

    Thanks again everyone!
  15. both mad biker and 60 Degrees are excellent.

    Luke and Katt at 60 Degrees are great to deal with, just like Sgt Joe Friday there's no B/S just the facts.
  16. Shit, bad deal cklsyntcklsynt , glad to hear you're still with us though!

    I hope the other driver is;
    A; admitting fault, (specially if there were police involved, which I suspect would happen seeing you were carted off in the ambo),
    B; fully insured.

    Keep us posted on the repairs to both you and the bike.
  17. glad to hear that the injuries aren't too bad - though any injury isn't pleasant - take care and get better soon - hope the bike gets better as well
  18. I'll give both Mad and 60 degrees a call tomorrow on my Lunch break see what is what.

    Thanks everyone, I'm still on the mend but I'm a casual and need to be back to work ASAP.
    And no bike is looking bad. (Excuse to buy a second one.)

    I'm a bit more inclined to go Madbiker, as they are a little closer to me than Notting Hill!
    Anyone had personal experience?
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  20. no I used peter stevens ftgully
    but have heard good things of madbiker
    also try mototecnics in Knox they do all my servicing and cannot fault them wouldn't bother with 60% personally