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Motorcycle Crash Pictures

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mizz ZZR, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Is this guy for real?

  2. a 330ml scar huh??? hmm mines at least double that...

    scar ......... check (iv got 3 that are at least 300ml long...on the same leg)
    bolts etc.... check... (still got some inside me too)
    xrays........ check (mine confuse doctors al the time)
    pictures..... check

    Save your cash guys..... i can show you this for free!! :LOL: :LOL:

    he's got to be nuts... but then there are a lot of nut cases out there... so it'll sell....just wait and see!!
  3. HA HA I knew someone somewhere on here would bite eventually HA HA that was me . It was put on as a joke to see how long it would take before it got picked up on a forum . Here's the leg HAHAHA :LOL: :LOL:

    Hey drew does your leg look like this ?? I have another at the top which is straight and the same length , from the muscle graph .

  4. no not like that

    mine are all straight surgeons cuts 2 on upper leg 1 on lower leg.

    luckinly i don't have mising skin like that. had complete muscles and bone removed but that's different all together

    still got some scaffolding inside though.

    hope you got of thos critches soon.... i can remember i hated em... had em for about 18 months bofore i was allowed to have walking sticks
  5. At least he's keen on riding again :LOL:
  6. Nah it's all good this is a pic of it now , this happened late dec 2004 , there aren't many riders around with scars like mine , simply because they lose them I nearly did ,if I didn't have feeling under my foot I wouldv'e aswell .

    There was a dude on there last week selling the naming rights to a kitten , and people were bidding on it haha


  7. :cool: cool huh :LOL: I love going to bike shops it turns the toughest bikers to jelly :LOL:
  8. cool xray mate .

    mine is missing the fibula though.

    your scars win for sheer appearanve value :LOL:

    does you ankle still work ok with all that metal in there... i know mine is f@#$%d and only moves a bit
  9. yeah it only moves a bit now I had no ankle damage but they had to remove 2-3 inches of tendons so it just can't stretch anymore , I lost 2 inches of tibula bone so they had to take it from both sides of my hip , and the skingraph they took from the top of the same leg too .
    FARK that hurts , the car hit and pushed the bone clean out through the flesh from the top to the bottom I know cause I didn't pass out I saw it all . YUMMY
  10. i had 7 inches of femur removed.... and they grafted by fibula in the where my femur was....

    and it's been hall and trouble for the last 19 years.... and will be untill i'm finished with it ;)

    but it works and gets me around.. not a lot of strength in it and my ankle is stuffed but i'm alive and thats a good start

    ive had bone taken from my hip too..... great fun isn't it!!
  11. WWwwoooWWW!! that's disgusting!!!

    can i ask what kinda pants and shoes/boots you were wearing? just so that i know not to wear nothing/normal jeans.

    how you healing up anyway? how long ago was that taken?
  12. I was wearing denim jeans , leather jacket, gloves ,helmet ( well duh ) and leather touring boots ( half way up the shin type .

    It was a low speed crash I was T-boned leg first , doc said if I wasn't wearing boots I wouldn't have a leg . They don't make boots strong enough to stop a car when it hits you or leg braces , a lot of peole think if I was wearing leather pants it wouldn't be so bad .Yeah right, leather is really gonna stop a 1.5 ton car when it hits you .
  13. You are a bunch of sickos. If my wife sees that s..t I'll be banned from riding (I can't afford divorce with 2 kids) and then you'll see sdome real scars....
  14. :LOL: :LOL: :-({|=
  15. Cool Xrays.
    Is that a titanium rod?
  16. Yeeaahhh... I'm not showing the missus that one;-)

    Not because she'd stop me from riding, but because she'd throwup on me, and then faint.

    Did you get many flowers?
  17. Flowers ????? what flowers I got 1 scratchy and a mars bar ...No one loves me , except my wife and kids :) .
    She's the one that's making me get back on .
  18. wow chuck, that's one ugly scratch!!! :eek: :eek: did you resist picking the scab??

    :grin: :grin: