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NSW Motorcycle crash, help!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by jslim1008, Mar 20, 2016.

  1. Hello guys, I need some help.
    I got into a motorcycle crash, and I'm new to these legal "things".
    So I got into an accident, Got T-Boned by a Camry at an intersection.
    I haven't done any police interview yet as I was in the hospital undergoing surgery.
    This is my first time accident, but does my motorcycle get covered by CTP of the car? My insurance is only green slip...


  2. More detail, please. Which state? Are you comprehensively insured? Have you or the driver admitted liability?

    (Sorry to hear, of course)
  3. CTP covers personal injury not vehicle damage. if you were in the right then the Camry driver's insurance will cover you (provided they had insurance). if you were in the wrong then you get to pay for the repairs to both vehicles.

    mate for a few hundred dollars a year you can have QBE comprehensive insurance, everyone on the road should have it. it is part of the cost of being a road user.

    I hope you are ok and you were not at fault in the accident.
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  4. Wow
    Thanks for the quick replies guys!
    Yeah I'm really confused because since the crash, I was never informed of the details or outcomes of the accident from the police.

    I've called the related police office and got the Police Event numbers and such but all they said was that the officer will get in touch!

    Is this normal to not get any police interview while at hospital? Do they ring you up??
  5. so you were interviewed at the scene? did they say you would be getting a ticket?

    how did the t-boning happen?

  6. No I was in excruciating pain at that time (broken femur). I only had time to answer police's question regarding my name and age.
    I was knocked out to relieve pain by the paramedics

    I was turning right from Parramatta road going into Concord Road, light was green (no arrow) indicator on and I was turning right until I saw the bright light and a huge pain on my left thigh.

    It probs is my fault for not looking enough.. It was late at night and I was in 'autopilot mode'

    I'm on learners btw and still in hospital
  7. shit mate that's bloody terrible. sounds like you may be at fault given your description but better to wait and see, let's hope some witnesses come forward. I guess your bike is a bit knocked around also...

    get some rest and heal up.
  8. Thanks bud
    Do u know if I have to call up the police myself to testify or wait for them to call??
  9. if you're home tomorrow give them a call then, I'm not sure if they'll call you, they may since they have your number.
  10. Don't wait for the police officer to get in touch - chase him. The police are not interested in your personal loss, they are only interested in whether a law was broken and prosecuting the offender.

    You pretty much need to deal with it yourself. You need a statement from the police about who was at fault. If it's the driver, pester the police (politely) until they give you a written report. You need this, even if they are not interested in your case any more.
    You can then approach the driver demanding he/she make good your loss. If he/she is insured you may be offered a settlement. If he/she is uninsured, and doesn't offer you any compensation, walk away, because the legal cost of forcing the issue will probably be greater than what you might get out of it.
    Get yourself properly insured before you go out on the road again. You cannot afford not to. In normal circumstances your insurance company does the work for you, not the police.
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  11. Can't offer much more to what has been said above. Glad you are OK.
  12. Depending on who your greenslip is with, you may have some personal injury cover if you are at fault. If the driver of the Camry is at fault, you are covered by their greenslip.

    The cops may take several weeks to determine who was at fault but they will need to interview you first. When they ask, I think the last thing you remember before the accident is waiting to turn right. The next thing you remember is being on the ground in a lot of pain. They will ask but you didn't have anything to drink and you weren't on the phone,
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  13. All greenslip cover the first $5000 of medical in nsw no mattter who is at fault.

    If you are not at fault you may be able to claim more thhan that plus lost wages etc.

    Get the police report and get a CTP lawyer if you are not at fault.
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  14. I don't believe at fault riders qualify for the $5k 'no matter who is at fault' benefit in all cases (at least it appears to be the case for Allianz, GIO, NRMA and Zurich not sure about the others like QBE etc). have a look at these and tell me what you think:

    Greenslips NSW
    Greenslips NSW

    I wish I had looked into this when I just renewed my rego.
  15. Tbe $5k for medical benefits is on the second section under "early benefits", note the art where kt talks about at fault... I

    How to claim

    I have personally made claims for the $5k beneft so it is real.

    Also I believe that some of what you are referring to is for cars only, motorcycle are excluded in the pds. As i have not studied both of thlse insurers i cant say for certain but riders should check before making a purchasing decision.
  16. When I renewed my greenslip at the end last year, a couple insurers specifically excluded motorcycles from those "at fault" benefits. They weren't the cheapest ones either. It always pays to check using the NSW Greenslip calculator when renewing.
  17. If you are at fault better stay quiet, maybe the car driver let you go, which is good.
  18. thanks for clearing that up VC, so you had and at fault accident on your bike and still claimed the $5k, that's great! who was the CTP insurer?
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    Its up to $5k and only covers medical bills . QBE was my provider IIRC, but this is definitely on all providers, when the ctp went up steeply about five years avi this was the cause (when it was introduced)., i only had $150 covered as i wasnt really injured fortunately.

    I am aware of a friend who also was covered for up to $5k medical when he broke his collarbone on a registered dirt bike on logging trails

    I believe the point of it is to cover immediate expenses whilst fault is still being determined. In other jurisdiction people wont admit fault which means long legal battles and if people cant afford minimum medical they sometimes end up making the injuries worse and costing more in the long run. This was to avoid that by just going whoverever at fault everyone still gets basic medical.
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    Hello fellow riders!
    I've posted before regarding my accident.

    I can't ride for few months and I'm on my Ls and it would expire.
    Also I don't know what to do with my bike... It's a kawi 300
    It has been rammed from the left side, Fairing damage with lot of scratches, not really sure on the details.
    And I'm only on green slip.

    Is it better to repair it or sell it? Is it even possible to sell a crashed bike?

    Any help would be appreciated!

    I filled out a form while in hospital regarding this claim, and the guy from Motor accident authority said it doesn't matter who is at fault, injured person can claim.

    Thanks guys!

    I just have one more question, what would be my option for the motorcycle? I don't have comprehensive insurance, and am not sure what to do with it?
    Is there any place that take damaged bikes? Or does warranty from dealer cover for parts?