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Motorcycle Courier Blog

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Kernel, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I had a job interview today to be a motorcycle courier. The job interview went well, I have a job trial on Thursday following another guy around. I expect to do well and get a job, and I expect to update the blog each day.
    Anyway, here it is: http://dr650courier.blogspot.com.au/

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  2. Just remember to not be too specific. eg naming your employer or customers.
    That has been the downfall of many an employee commenting on their jop via the internet.
    Best of luck with the job mate. Well done
  3. Fantastic news kernel! Wishing you all the best! Let us know how you go:)
  4. hope its not with mail call if your planning on earning a living.
  5. well I've already mucked up there and named the company on my blog lol, oh well I won't say anything bad, hopefully I'll never have reason to.
    Thanks chicken will do :)
    no, definitely not with mail call, those guys screwed me around so I'm not going back there.
  6. You can always edit mate.
  7. Well Done Kernel (y)
  8. Well done Kernel, we look forward to seeing the video clip of yourself going over a tradie's ramp loaded with your parcels/documents. I'm sure the DR would land better than the CT110...
  9. Oh yeah, of course I can, done it five times already, lol.
    Thanks Shirl :)
    Thanks Ned, hahaha, you never know mate, maybe one day!!
    I'm thinking I should probably buy a flip-up helmet so people aren't too funny about me walking into their buildings/offices with my full face helmet on, can anyone recommend a good, affordable Australian standards one to me? I know GreyBM has one.
    Anyway, couple of updates on the blog, go check it out!
  10. TSS Tourtech is one http://www.rjays.com.au/home/products/helmets-tss tourtech.html That's the twin shield one. Without Twin Shield is a little cheaper.
  11. congrats Kernel, so we'll see your bike with 'mittens' on soon? Seems to be the easiest thing for couriers to use.. Watch out for pedestrians!!
  12. Love to know how you go, I've had thoughts about this too once I'm out of debt.
  13. What's happening now then mate?
  14. Yeah ! Rabblerabblerabble!!!
  15. Grats on the job mate. What are the hours like for $800pw?
  16. Hope it goes well for ya.
  17. I decided the job wasn't for me, so I left.
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  18. Wow, that was quick. Can you elaborate on that Kernal?
  19. I did the courier thing half a lifetime back in a 1 ton try first then switched usine a barina, back then, went like the clappers, pay wasnt too good atthe beginning but scored number one dollar earner within first 12 months, stayed around top 5 for quite a while did it for about 8 years, needless to say, 'twas a job' didnt get rich but earnt a wage and a bit. Lead me to a job with Ansett

    the courier jobs not for everyone and I did hate it most of the time.
  20. Edit - no need for a flip helmet then.