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Motorcycle cops are everywhere this week.

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by anthony_p01, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Snapped this shot of a guy who got caught by one of the army of motorcycle cops operating out of Grafton over the Christmas period. This is in Maclean and there at about 12-15 (possibly more) of them up from Sydney operating between Coffs Harbour and Tweed Heads this week.

    This guy wasn't too impressed....not sure what he said to the police officer but after they "discussed things" for close to 30 minutes he was handed 3 tickets....


  2. Saw one just before the onramp towards the F3... Then saw him later setting up a radar around a blind corner before a freeway onramp where the speed is 60....... Revenue raising trumps safety yet again. Seeing more of this with the 'safety' cameras everyday...
  3. that area would be right on the cusp of where drivers coming from Sydney should be thinking of stopping, or at least having a long-ish rest

    the guy in the pic is obviously a local tradie, I'm betting there's a lot more to that matter than some poor inncocent motorist travelling through the area being pulled over by the local plod......
  4. theres also 2 hovering around Doonside, they are never around that area, also 2 HWP
  5. I'd say he was a local on his way to work......he was apparently having quite a bit to say to the cop in the first 10 minutes before I took that photo.

    I don't think we have any bike cops around this area so seeing this many of them is quite weird....and they travel in packs of 4 or 6. I'm heading up to the Gold Coast in the morning so i'm sure there will be a few of them around.
  6. Man he looks like he's doing it rough too, I hate tradies with a blind, ignorant and arrogant passion, but I feel for him if he was pulled over on offence 1 and the "police interaction = criminality" syndrome kicked in for offences 2 and 3. **** I can't stand that behavior from police.
  7. M4 was showing a strong presence today, two wheeled and four wheeled.
  8. All these stories, I think ill be extra cautious on the speed im doing these holidays. I have already been breathalyzed and also saw an unmarked blue Ford turbo filling up at Doonside Shell. These guys are coming out from their offices as if someone was handing out free doughnuts.

    There are however some good cops, I had a head nod from a cop last week (after the Netrider Homebush Christmas picnic).