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Motorcycle cops and the "nod"

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by guggle, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Ok, a weird question maybe - something I was pondering while I wait for my first bike to have its RWC completed.

    Has anyone given the "nod" to a motorcycle cop or had the vice-versa happen?

    Anyone care to share?
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    I nod to all riders when I pass them whether they be on bike, scooter, harley and yes even police bikes. Generally always get the nod back except from the harley riders. They must think they are better than other riders.

    Always get the nod back from motorcycle cops though.
  3. I've only ever had one motorcycle cop nod at me, but he had a radar gun in his hand while he was standing in the middle of the road :LOL:.
  4. I do the same doesn't matter if it's a cop. Some of them behave like Harley riders...
  6. MM fairs fair as this thread was well and truly overdue but needs to be asked from time to time so riders who want to know can find out.
    It's ok to nod to cops but don't expect them to return the courtesy.
  7. what Netrider DOESN'T need is smart-arse people sniping at new riders; we are here to connect, not alienate

    repeat this ten times, and if you must make these sorts of comments, go down and try it on the front row forward at the pub, and leave people asking sincere questions here, alone
  8. I always nod at coppers guggle, and they usually nod back too.
    Hell, I've changed my mind about HD's too since I've been here ;)
  9. I'm only new to riding so the thrill of being able to nod at other riders is sweet so I do it to one and all. Now I realise that there is a little bit of tension between some sports bike riders and HD riders, at least thats the tone that I'm picking up from a few in this thread. I don't care what you ride as long as you ride with the exception of pushies, but in my short experience it has been the other way, meaning its the sports bike riders who don't nod back. Something else I'm curious aboutis other gestures. I was reading another thread and it mentioned taping your helmet means a copper ahead. What other signals should a newbie look out for and know.
  10. I've nodded occasionally, when I happened to be in an exceptionally good mood. No nod back, but they could be listening to the radio, or distracted by somone doing stupid crap ahead that they are eyeing off, and that's ok. (I can't always return a nod either)
  11. Good point. I was driving up the highway before Xmas and a bike cop slowly passed me. I was eyeballing the bike and when he noticed I gave him a nod, to which he replied.

    Wasn't game to give him a cheers with my beer though 8-[
  12. Its just a part of being in the biker club, Every one nods or waves,
    Just like they will pull up to see if you are alright when sitting on the side of the road,
    I was having a smoke on the side of the road going up to Falls Creek,
    Every bike slowed down for me, I gave them the thumbs up and they rode off,
  13. I always nod at cops on bikes, force of habit from nodding, some nod back others take a good look at me, others ignore me, it all depends on the person.
  14. Anyone ever seen a female bike-cop?
    I reckon that might be just a little bit HOT!
  15. If its a female bike cop in Punchbowl you might wanna be careful in case its the cross dressing cop got transfered. Not so hot now aye.
  16. Thanks Floyd, you just gave me a de-rection...
  17. My job is done
  18. I nod at anything that moves im like one of those nodding dogs that you put on your car dash.

    heres me nodding to a camry driving copper.......and I hate camry's
  19. Haha dude you look way to happy sitting in traffic :p

    btw that 'camry' looks a lot like a ford ;)
  20. I always nod at bike cops, and for the most the part I always get a nod back. I know they do give us some hassle but i've always found the bike cops decent blokes (flame away) case in point on a recent ride down the GOR while back over the xmas holidays we were pulled by 2 bike cops who had set up a random police check and had actually heard there was 13 bikes making its way there, there were very polite and had some suggestions on routes to take in order "maybe miss more of us" and when we got pulled again in Lorne the one bike cop was more interested in knowing how much fun we had on the "twisties" and in asking if there were more of him around his reply was "its almost beer o'clock" and "i'm knocking off in 5" .... and "take the colac road on the way back as you can really open her up" a top copper in my oppinion... and yeah sorry for the digression!