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Motorcycle Cop rescues girl from out of control pony

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by Kaer, Nov 30, 2005.

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  2. And who is right the centre of this potential disaster? That renowned geriatric driver, Mr S Claus.

    Now really, don't you think it's time this old geezer's license was revoked? He only travels at night, so he has no experience on the roads at day time. His sleigh is almost certainly un-roadworthy; I bet it hasn't had an inspection in years. His reindeer are just too slow to keep up with the demands of modern traffic. And, every time I've seen him, he has not been wearing ANY safety gear, approved or not.

    PLUS, he is known to break into homes all over the world on Christmas Eve, and even though he allegedly leaves presents, this is obviously a ploy for a lighter sentence when and if he gets caught.

    This little girl was lucky, but I say it's only a matter of time before this meddling old fogey causes a fatality, and then it will be too late.

    I say, let's act now and round him up under any one of several driving charges, and while we're at it, hold him for 30 days without charge under the anti-terror laws. Who knows what we might find out when he's interrogated??
  3. Ooooh...respec man, respec....
  4. A sure way to tell a terrorist is by thier beard. Santa has a 'very' suspicious beard.

    Arrest him!!
  5. And I'll bet he's flying that bloody sled in controlled airspace without a mode 'A' or 'C' transponder.
  6. not too mention all the drinking he does at each house... I used to leave him a good 1 or 2 beers!!!

    The bugger must be sloshed by the time he gets home in the morning... Yet no RBT's ever seem to spring him!!!