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ACT Motorcycle contents insurer?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by minicooperworks, Jun 19, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    I'm planning to do bike touring and include some bushwalks along the way. Logistically speaking I intend to stash my gear (boots, jacket, helmet) in lockable panniers and do the walks with little weight as possible. Some bushwalks would take a couple days and I'm certain a person who's determined to do so could get into the contents given the remoteness of the locations.

    Spent a load of time reading forums and bike insurance PDS's but can't seem to find anything related to coverage for stolen contents from the vehicle when parked, only coverage for stuff that gets stolen/burnt/smashed along with the bike. Closest I've seen to my needs is AAMI's riding apparel cover:
    "We cover your riding apparel, or that of your pillion, if it is stolen from a secured storage compartment on your bike or damaged in an insured incident covered by your policy. Riding apparel includes helmets, gloves, riding jackets, pants and boots, and any other motorcycle specific gear such as body armour and knee guards"
    Wondering if anyone out there has experience to share with AAMI's $1000 riding apparel cover (which comes with comprehensive cover) or has had insurance relating to the same.
  2. If 'apparel cover' or whatever description the insurer gives it is not sufficient for your needs ie. you need more than $1000 cover, the alternative option is to obtain Australia wide insurance for for those items under a home/contents policy.

  3. Pardon my lack of knowledge as I do not have home & contents cover - what I understand is that coverage isn't extended to the bike when it's out of the house.. or is it just a case of ringing a home & contents insurer to add cover to each of my riding gear?
  4. Correct.

    Contents insurance does not cover your motorcycle or any other registered vehicle, however your post does not talk about wanting insurance for your bike, so no reference has been made to insuring it. You would not take out motorcycle insurance if you only want to insure your riding gear.


    Obviously, if you do not own a home, you'd only need contents insurance, and with that policy you can obtain optional Australia wide cover for your helmet, riding gear & whatever other contents you want covered beyond your address. This will work out cheaper, but more importantly, the excess to pay if you make a claim, will be less. Any home insurer should be able to provide you with this cover.

    From AAMI:

    Optional Extras - We give you the option of purchasing Extra Cover for certain portable items you might take outside your home. You can take out Extra Cover to protect things like your jewellery, camera, mobile phones and sporting equipment (but not when in used) from accidental loss or damage.


  5. If insurace comes up too expensive, it might be worth considering just stashing your gear in a water proof sack, off track, in the bush...say 100m or so from your bike.
  6. Thanks for the tips guys, insurance quotes aren't pricey but there's nothing like the inconvenience of losing gear on the go! Will give AAMI a ring and see how they go.
  7. Insurance will not mitigate the inconvenience of theft - it won't magically reappear. It just means you're not out of pocket for replacement.

    As JustusJustus has posted you can take out contents insurance for portable valuables which are covered Australia wide.

    I use AAMI for things such as Mobile phones, Push bikes, Wife's jewellery etc.