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Motorcycle Club leader awaits visa ruling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by undii, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Not exactly sure this would fit in Law/Politcs forum so put it in general, if it needs moving, move it :p

    Also surprised that is hasn't been posted to here already

    From http://www.news.com.au/couriermail/story/0,23739,21428144-5003402,00.html

  2. it would be unfortunate for them to refuse entry to him, he has an entire family here.
    meh, immigration.....they do things in weird and wonderful ways ;)
  3. I find it sad that he didn't apply for citizenship when he was 18. Or perhaps he couldn't apply for citizenship at 18 due to history. I guess we'll never know.

    He's not Australian, so he doesn't have the right to stay here. DIAC can, and should, refuse his entry due to his criminal record. Though they probably won't...
  4. well, to the very best of my knowledge his criminal record isnt very significant at all. i could only speculate and say they would deny visa through some form of "guilt by association" or similar.

    i am affiliated in no way with him, nor his club, though my uncle is a vella.
  5. possession of a trafficable quantity of illegal drug I think would rate as significant.
  6. yeah, for sure. i dont discredit that at all.
    however i know of different immigrants that have been allowed to stay with (what i would call) much more serious offences. i dont want to steer this in to a debate about certain nationalities immigrating here. obviously they have a reason for witholding his application for now, so i am only prepared to say that i think it would be unfortunate for him in a 'family' sense.
  7. It is more than 10 years ago since the conviction though.

    Certain offences over a certain period of time aren't considered.

    Not sure if then cannibis conviction is (probably depends upon the amount and the penalty).
  8. (poorly) estimated street value of $15000, found at his mansion, that had many people living there.

    and considered by anti-OMG journo's as
    & just to put some light humour in an otherwise touchy subject -
    half way down :rofl:
  9. Safest and most convenient way to get out of a bikie gang ^_^
  10. Isn't there something about being married to an Aussie qualifies you for citizenship or residency? smilieconf2.
  11. Nope.

    You still have to apply for residency.
  12. yeah, the marriage thing is just a door-opener.

    you still get put through the ringer to get your visa
  13. Interesting read:


    Vella himself has a police record "as long as the road", says his wife, Heather.

    However, apart from the marijuana, there are very few convictions. He says
    he was once charged (but "no billed") when a tenant grew a crop of marijuana
    on a farm he owned at Tamworth. Proceedings were also dropped after he
    was charged with stabbing two men, and he was freed on appeal after being
    given six months' jail for "assaulting" a woman in Canberra.

    Source: First link.
  14. Wonder what the sissy riders think about this development. 682.

    From Sunday Mail:
    A NOTORIOUS bikie gang is threatening a social club for veteran riders because
    they don't like the nametags on their jackets.

    The outlaw Rebels gang has told Australia's biggest social motorcycle club, the
    Ulysses club, to change their uniform or face "enlightenment". :LOL:

    The Rebels, who have a history of organised crime, drug distribution and bloody
    battles with rival gangs, have taken it as a personal insult that Ulysses riders
    are wearing "rockers", or tags, on their jackets.


    From a Sissy Member:
    Our club logo is not the problem but the rockers (patches) above and below the
    logo are. The Rebels have left us in no uncertainty about what will happen if we
    do not comply and given their record of killings, beatings, drug dealings etc what
    is a bike club or individual to do? It might be cool to say F**K them, “ we will wear
    what we wantâ€, but our club is just (all be it a very large) social bike club made
    up of all cross sections of society.

    Its doubtful the police would take action, given as well the number of them killed
    by outlaw bikies over the years. What can be done when a large well armed
    organization like the Rebels live outside the law?

    Were our club leaders right in agreeing to the rebel’s request and asking the
    members to remove the rockers from our back patches?

    From National President:
    Order for all Members to remove all illegal rockers from vests.

  15. I guess it comes down to lying in the bed you made. That law wasn't specifically designed to be used to target OMCG members but it seems the Police are being opportunistic in trying to apply it in this case. Sounds like a tough call but then again, the Police couldn't do it if he didn't have a record.

    As for not being Australian, technically yes. He doesn't have citizenship. But morally/ethically no. He has been here 40 years and has raised a family here. It is like moving to a new city/town/state. How long does it take until you become a local? 20 years? There are no citizenship tests involved and no bits of paper but there comes a point where the locals start thinking of you as a local. I reckon 40 years is more than long enough for that.
  16. Not really a devlopment MG, this sissy rider :p was in Canberra two years ago this month, when the shit hit the fan.

    At the AGM held in Canberra, a special resolution was passed that no other patches are to be on the back of a jacket/vest except the old man patch that MG has shown.

    Or you can have a "caravan window" of all your patches on the back of the vest but NO old man logo.

    The Canberra press loved the story, and yes a few members took off on their Crusiers wearing their patch filled vest into the sunset.

    1% Clubs are something few people understand, and I saw the Rebels point, that you can't pay $20 a year and pretend to be a bad ass bikie a couple of weekends a year.
  17. I liaise with the Dept. of Immigration and Citizenship all the time. If they believe that someone is of poor character, they have the right to refuse entry. Even if this person has not been convicted of a crime. One of my company's clients was refused a visa two years ago for something that we'll never know, but never appeared on his police clearance certificate.

    Morally you're right, "Australia" made him. But does anyone want him? He's a citizen of Malta, and shouldn't be our problem anymore.

    Maybe I should become the new immigration minister, I'm feeling a bit right-wing today. Sorry. :oops:
  18. oooh, so you are helping those weird and wonderful immigration laws??? :p

    im with gegvasco, they are being opportunists in this case.