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motorcycle clothing

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by malpri, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Why is it that nearly all motorcycle clothing sold in AUS is mainly black or grey with little colour? I recently purchased a REV:IT ENERGY HV jacket and boy do the tin-tops take notice of my presence. Have a look on the web for the clothing sold in EUROPE and the US and you will see what I mean. As a motorcyclist for over 47 years I think it is about time we moved away from the black clothing image. The other thing that bugs me is no one-piece textile touring suits sold here.Last year I purchased from the states a HI-VIZ OLYMPIA PHANTOM suit for $400 US That really should get noticed by other road users,because the colour is just like QLD police motorcyclists wet weather gear.

  2. small market and old stock
  3. So they can go
    To bikers world maybe? This line of posting is really wearing thin please do a search and spare us

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  4. im not quite happy and carefree enough to were shit like that
  5. Re HI_VIZ CLOTHING,Just let the first driver say (SORRY I DID NOT SEE YOU) There may be GBH then caused but no court would convict me. As for one-piece suits they are very popular for long distance riders in the states and europe.
  6. convict you of what ?
  7. Malpri how have u determined that drivers have noticed you? Have you also started riding more conservatively since wearing the hi viz?

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    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'
  8. convicted of being a bit happy and carefree
  9. convicted of impersonating a giant banana
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  10. seeing hes so happy and carefree
  11. I'm with the OP. I wear a hi vis jacket quite often and it makes a difference. Might not suit a lot of riders image of themselves though.
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  12. I get kind of an advertising vibe from the OP
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  13. I sometimes half-squid to work, wearing just my high vis work gear complete with huge reflective stripes (and helmet, gloves, boots).
    Doesnt help, i still get cut off and u-turned in front of. Not sure if the frequency of being cut off is more or less, but still happens...

    Person who doesnt know how to look isnt going to see, regardless of how many flashing lights and colours you are sporting...
  14. So we have a couple for makes a difference another another couple for not.

    Some other anecdotes suggest drivers make closer passes to bikes with hiviz compared to no hi viz.

    There is a study somewhere on driver attitudes to cyclists wearing helmets. They fitted up bicycles with ultrasonic measurement devices and over a period of time recorded the average distance drivers passed riders with & without helmets... Drivers had a greater gap passing helmetless riders. It was thought that they exercised greater caution around "unsafe" looking riders. Makes you think.

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  15. i wear hi viz stuff in conditions where visibility is poor. have a few items of gear specifically for that.
    helmet halo. high viz backpack cover. a few vests that can be worn over jacket.
    but i only use this stuff in poor visibilty as said. meaning foggy, raining at night, riding in poorly lit areas at night etc.
    wearing the stuff in broad daylight won't make any difference. i know it dose'nt.
    because i tested it early years when i first started commuting by bike. tried all sorts of stuff to see if it would make any difference. anything to find an edge in traffic.
    still had my fair share of drivers pull out into me while looking straight at me when wearing a high viz vest. made no difference.
    hit the anchors and stop just in time. sit there on the bike never breaking eye contact with the drivers blank expression, while he/she drives out in front of me and away. and i'm like >"wtf dude ??, arms outstretched, how can't you see this.???

    in the time frames i wore a high viz item, same commute, same traffic. no averaged difference in number of ****tards i encountered.
    because heres the thing. me wearing high viz does not change the fact that a certain driver is a complete ****ing retard. has no effect on the driver whatsoever.

    i do think anyone riding at night without reflective gear is a bit naive though. because when you pass through an intersection, viewed side on you are blanked out in traffic. so winter i do wear high viz to work with esarly starts before sun up.

    the other advantage of wearing a high viz vest is, if you want to go for a quick blat up the hills on a weekend. the pigs are far less likely to pick you, to pull over and harrass. not when theres lots of other bikes around.
    this has worked for me on occassion. because i need my bike to get to work. and it sure as **** ain't street legal. i cannot afford for the pigs to take it of the road.

    that's a fun experiment you can try at home kids. pick a spur on a sunny day weekend. ride past the nazis wearing the vest, no reaction.
    do a lap, ride past again without the vest, they signal you in.
  16. As bus driver I see many riders on the road every day and as you should realise there are many blind spots with large vehicles, many bikes are hard to see in mirrors because they are smaller and move about on the road to get in a position to pass. But the riders who wear hi-viz vests and jackets seem to be easier to spot especially on dull days .Recently I attended a BMW demo ride day and wore the REV:ENERGY HI-VIZ jacket and many people commented how I could be picked out amongst a group of 20 or so riders, even tho the lead rider and tail-end rider were wearing hi-viz vests. I did watch the reactions of motorists around me ,they do seem to notice you more, or maybe it was the K1600GT I was riding! As for the PHANTOM suit I am saving it for long all day or many day touring,so I have yet to wear it on a bike,but I have seen many reports on various web-sites about the reactions of motorists to a full hi-viz suit. But many of you seem to miss my original question why is nearly every thing In textile BLACK, whats wrong with a bit of color! Look at the range of BMW or REV:IT gear or any of the well known ITALIAN lines do you see many BLACK items in textile? Many of the overseas lines even have HI-VIZ in the range. Years ago there was an american blues singer who said BLACK is EVIL ,BLACK is NASTY,BLACK ON BLACK. Maybe some riders think it make them look evil and nasty? I admit I have a black RIVET mesh jacket and pants but thats all I could find at the time for use in warm weather and I like the brand, tho I wear a HI-VIZ vest on top of it. I am now looking at getting a OLYMPIA HI-VIZ MESH jacket and pants from the states because I like the product. I am not saying every one should wear HI-VIZ but it woudnt hurt. Its my wish to do so because I want to do anything I can to make my-self visable on the road,and not give the F**Kwits on the road any excuse for taking me out.
  17. [​IMG]

    You go for it malpri.
  18. The olympia hi viz suit.
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    Looks like it should come with a cape, too.....
  20. Are saying that wearing HIVIS clothing does NOT help make you more visible? and the being more visible does not make you safer on the road?