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Motorcycle close miss - skill or luck?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by papermate, May 2, 2010.

  1. Neither.

    Both are idiots for riding outside their abilities in the first place.
  2. my god, they seriously need some cornering lessons, shocking
  3. miracle not luck, the prayer of brown jocks paid off.
  4. Exhibit A: How NOT to corner
  5. braindead idiots
  6. Agree both stupid. The guy in the lead can thank good reflex's for saving his arse, but a lack of intelligence will overcome good reflex's eventually.
  7. Geeeez !!!!
    Momentary lapse of concentration ??? Or NFI ?!?!
    Very lucky indeed... wonder how long that rider will keep rolling the dice like that....
  8. Bloody idiots !!!
    What bothers me the most is trying to determine a suitable (negative?) IQ level for the rider trying to pass under the closing garage door...I mean, wtf ???
  9. :LOL: must just have r-e-a-l-l-y slow reflexes. Can't imagine his motorbike career's gonna last long!
  10. Absolute sh1t, the corner tightened up a bit and they both didn't know what to do.
  11. close ---

    Well-trained reflexes are quicker than luck.
  12. I agree, idiots.
    Actually, I'd almost consider being on the insurance company's side..... Then maybe not.