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Motorcycle chain lube for a bicycle?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Hoski, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Anyone know if motorcycle chain lube (I have the Motul Road one) can be used on a bicycle chain?

  2. why waste it? Go to aldi get the emergency kit for $5 and use that stuff or buy cheap stuff for pushie..
  3. I don't see why not, but IMO it'd be a bit messy for pushbike use and I do wonder weather the motorbike lube needs a bit of warmth to work its way into the link (a warmth that you probably wont get on a pushie).

    I would rather (and do) use something designed for pushbikes, it's not like it is a particularly big expense anyway, the bottle of lube I got about a year ago for $7 is still going strong.
  4. Might get a bit messy, but I cannot see why not.

    Motul chain lube is also good for squeaky indoor and outdoor hinges :D
  5. Canola oil, used powersteering hydraulic fluid, crankcase engine oil, WD40 etc will provide oodles of lube for a bicycle. Motorcycle chain lube (light stuff) will work too... but why waste it?
  6. Do not use motorcycle lube on a pushy,in fact most of the stuff rob sugested is also not that flash.Buy some proper lube weather it be wet or dry it is much better for your drive chain as a lot of makeshift lubes will attract dirt and grime to your chain and cassette which will cost you a fair bit to replace depending on the level could be as high as $250 for ultegra.Rock and Roll brand seems pretty good
  7. Yep, agree, they weren't that flash - it was more of a "what you might have at hand" type list. The powersteering fluid suggestion came from a bike mechanic years ago.

    Anyway, you definitely can't go wrong with the rock n roll products if you're going to specifically go out and buy bicycle chain lube.
  8. I swear last time my bike got serviced, they coated my peg swivels in it too...
  9. I'll pay that, the motul lube is very good for the door hinges.

    I'm a rock & roll blue guy when it comes to my pushie, but that's an argument for a different forum.
  10. Yep well i hope that mechanic has learnt something over the years,or maybe he just likes people to make a mess of there bikes.
  11. WD40 is not a lubricant. These products should not be used in place of a chain lube. (I have seen it tested for lubrication properties first hand).

    A bicycle will need a lower viscosity than a motorcycle, the tolerances are smaller (smaller chain).

    There is dedicated chain oil available from bike shops, really is good stuff.
  12. Thanks for the responses, guys. Yep, best to get stuff made for the job. I've found a bicycle shop where I can get lube for less than $10. And save the motorbike lube for what it's designed for.
  13. Yep, if ya use too much it makes a mess alright. I used it on the commuter for a while, but got much better lube life from bicycle specific lube.

    It's interesting how WD40 gets blokes backs up. It is a very penetrative lubricant - which is it's key advantage, but the fractions weather off so quickly that it's not a particularly long term practical one. And it definitely is less viscous than motorcycle lube. lol
  14. Good choice...
    I take equal care and am just as fussy on both my moto and pushy(s)....
    And why not, they cost me almost the same!

    You can get good quality cycle lubes for less than $10 and will last you a fair bit...
    I use teflon based lubes for my pushies...
    Remember, don't over lube either. I put a small drop on each link, leave it a few minutes then wipe off any excess.....
    Unlike a moto, a well maintained pushy chain also improves your gear changing...
  15. I love how many people think WD40 is a lube, shocking stuff for bike chains.
  16. lol, canola oil... pls don't...

    rockn'roll is some great stuff i really like it... seems to work well and not attract grit into the rollers...

    the only 'easy to hand' homebrew concoction one should use on a pushy is motor oil diluted by spirits... u can experiment with ratios.... i find 3 parts spirits to 1 part 5w-30 oil pretty damn good...

    I had been using this successfully on 6mm shimano chains and above 7/8sp etc... but the new thinner 5.5mm campag chains didn't work so well..

    rockn'roll was less prone to gunking up and worked for longer...

    homebrew works on most chains very well tho - and motor oil and spirits (mineral turps) one should have on hand...well the people assed to do their own stuff that is...
  17. concur.

    WD stands for water displacement... that's what it should be used for... it's like 95% solvent and 5% machine oil.

    not what u want on your chain as a lube. i have used it for cleaning before ina workshop - but straight up kerosene is the best.
  18. Just keep a bit of the engine oil you use in the bike or car. Or the trusty Singer Sewing Machine Oil that used to be in every laundry cupboard.

    Then again, I got an old plastic squeeze bottle of oil with graphite. Without o-rings, even powdered graphite has it's plusses.
  19. yes, engine oil is good, but for full effect it needs to be thinned out as i stated with a solvent... as per most commercial lubes the solvent carrier evaporates leaving the oil only INSIDE the chain... the thinned out solvent/oil will easily get into every nook and cranny in the chain.
  20. Well that's not exactly right...
    Engine oil would be very good except that it was designed to work in an enclosed environment with a filter keeping it nice and clean...
    The same with singer oil, ok to use but I wouldn't keep it on there long.

    Issues in using it on a bicycle chain is that it attracts dust and other dirt which builds and reduces chain/sproket,chainring life.
    It also makes a total mess when you put it on as it flings everywhere...

    The better bike specific chain lube reduces this and is also better at staying on the chain in wet conditions..

    Old engine oil would also be great on moto chains but has the same issues.
    I doubt anyone with a little love for their motos would just use old oil.

    Suppose what you use on something depends on how serious you are with an activity whether it's motorcycles, bicycles, boating, golf or anything...