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Motorcycle centric careers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MV, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. Work is pissing me off today, I just wanna go for a ride, man!

    Forgive while I daydream a little, what are some more motorcycle based careers? I've got the easy one's down, postie, courier, bike/accessories salesman, mechanic, journo, scooter advertising...

    What else is there?

    Pro's & cons?

  2. Male escort for Dani Pedrosa.
  3. Yes, that could work. I think I might be taller than him though, would that make me the "man" in the relationship?

    Unfortunately, I'm not old enough! Top gear did that, looked like fun. I didn't know we had such a service here.
  4. ^ the top gear one was interesting - driving someones car home whilst their in it tanked does not sound good to me. I suppose at least you don't have to clean up the sick.
  5. Instructor. Service manager. Finance/buisness manager ( I think Sunstate is desperate for one of those). Rep for wholesaler to bike shops. Admin/IT.
    I have been lucky enough to work in a few shops with multi marques. Too good strolling around through them all day. You just bar up. And being an instructor I got to do lots of the test rides on the good bikes. And get the keys for the weekend.
    It really is a mugs game though. Big hours. Usually six and a half day weeks. A base salary structured aorund the shop doing very very well first.
    Did I mention you walk around with a horn all day ????
  6. Top level motorcycle racer?
    CEO of main dealer?

    You think we wouldn't ALL be riding now it if we could? Get rich. Retire. Ride.
  7. Yeah, the long hours & shitty pay are a bvit of a downside for most...

    Of course, that's why I asked! Greater men than me must have pondered the same, I'm curious about what they came up with ;)

    For the record, I'm 20 years too late to become a top level racer.
  8. I can't think of too many more that you actually get to ride for a decent portion of the day, just basically pillion tour rides (I think a user here takes pillions on the Great Ocean road?), stunt bike rider, and cameraman (Tour de France type carrying a pillion or even filming certain parts of movies I guess).

    And then you got like othe jobs that aren't really motorbike centric but do invlove them ie. copper but you have to do the qualifications, plus general duties, and then if your lucky bike cop.
    Seeing more & more ambo bikes as well.
  9. True, that didn't come to mind... I'd have to buy a harley though :rofl:

    Now you're talking!

    Sounds a bit boring & seasonal... Still better than not riding though.
  10. You're still pretty much tied down in most of them I think, eg. reporting to someone higher up or a customer.

    I find commuting gets boring(mon-fri), but I feel a lot different as soon as I get on the bike on a Saturday & Sunday morning - more sense of 'feedom'.
  11. OK then. The ones that I mentioned are the only ones to get RICH out of riding (assume you want that too). But if you can accept the financial sacrifice, there are other options.
    One that I know of started an international motorcycle adventure tour company and is still doing it. Not sure if there is room in the market for another one, but you get the idea...
  12. Boring? You've got some high expectations, have you ever watched the tracks they ride in the tour? I think there's several million people who would give their left testicle (or ovary) for that job.
  13. Animal transport:
  14. I have, the problem is the speed at which you would ride those tracks!

    They'd be great if they weren't covered with cyclist & tourists.

    It's a bit like going to strippers isn't it? All the that potential, no release...
  15. On the decents you will often see the cyclist escaping the camerabike because they can corner better.
  16. Really? Interesting.
  17. Also there's the cute pillion girl on the yellow motorbike showing the time difference to the leaders. Could happily ride her around all day.
  18. They're mopeds and the legal requirements for a moped are pretty minimal if you actually go and look at the ADRs.