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Motorcycle Cams, GoPro - Contour etc Vids & setups

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by goz, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Helmet cams, Motorcycle mounted cams and setups talk here

    This thread is a continuation to the GoPro group buy thread which is now finished :)

  2. Dunno how the rest of you guys went with it, and they do say it's a tough one in the manual, but it's a real finicky, piss around trying to get the battery out. I ended up using a knife to ease it out very gently...

    Doing it on the side of the road in a bit of a rush would be a real PIA.

    Hope others have a better time of it - impossible for 'my' hands to do...hmmf!

  3. The questions about the suction cups - don`t worry they are great.

    Heres a test i did about 12 months ago on the car, the one thats down low is with the suction mount on the spot light lense in the bumper.

    They stick

    this was with a standard def

  4. testing R3 on GoProHD

    Ta mate...Very curious to see how you find it compared to the other two.

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    GoPro all setup.
    First video was taken on R2 setting & GOPROHD mounted as below. R2 is the highest quality with the 170deg view angle, which is what I'm after.
    Pros: all handle bar input shown & close to tank so lower vibes(or so i think).
    Cons: easily bumped & shows dash.

    ]work to cootha footage[/URL] ps ignore poo music and watch in 720p

    and please excuse doggy phone pics


  6. Yeah!...it did fine. :)...I also checked out the "beerburrum" video...brought back alot of memories from my enduro riding days...slippery tracks on hills that just sap your strength, and then have your eyes like dinner plates going down others, coz you have to maintain your average speed in Enduro racing.

    Great days, some good "speckies", and a few over the bars "look I can flyyyyyy!" crunch! episodes, Nearly broke my back hitting a tree hard at speed in a transport stage of all things (idiot). Was my last true Enduro - had to give it up...:-(

    Anyway. thanks for the memories. :)

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    Oopsie...bad link...

    Try this one...:)

    [URL="]work to cootha footage[/URL]


    ayoung!, that's a cool video mate...when you got out into the twisty bits it really showed not just the bike, but you controlling it...GREAT qaulity at 720p...better than I expected, but I think you have a good smooth bike with little vibration. My Blade has an annoying buzz that goes through the whole bike at 4-5K revs which I hope this camera can handle better - it'll be the test for my tank mount.

    IMHO, if your position of the camera was just a bit higher so you look over the instrument cluster it would be perfect from the 3rd party perspective.

    Impressive first go at it, mate!...enjoyed riding with you. :)
  8. Cheers
  9. have any of you guys experienced that famous go-pro clicking sound from random mounts when recording?
  10. wow, nice picture ayoung, GoPros def are up to the job, but i think yours needs to go up a little higher :)
  11. I saw the info on that, on the gopro video on youtube, but I found mine to be nice and tight so I think I am ok...If it is lose, it says to put a bit of electrical tape in both sides of the centreline on the base mount surface, or if you got that little rubber thingy - THAT is to push into the mount so that it stops that looseness.

    Sorry, I can't seem to find the bloody youtube video just now..grrr!

  12. yea, i have and im gonna attack the thing with blu tac, bike and camera, that will sort it out!!! im gonna sort it out, did i mention i will sort it out

    yea good for a first try i guess, i will mount a lil higher and tighter next time, the angle/view drops during the clip, but it can only get better,

    I can't wait to see some other mount locations and footage
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    in here somewhere [URL="
  14. Hey guys, can any of you tell me how to cover up the bloody speedo.?
    I especially liked THAT video where it showed a constant 40k's..LOL

    How the feck was THAT done...??

    I have Pinnacle Studio 14 (HD version), and the latest Cyberlink Video editor.

    I have done plenty of basic vid editing but have never really gotten into the more intricate stuff.

    Ta :))
  15. just place some text over it
  16. Did'nt you get that little rubber plug gadget that fixes that rattle perfectly, mate??
    It was in my camera package - and I tossed it aside not realizing it's true value. Lose or not, I will be using it all the time anyways.

  17. You`ll find the rubber bung works well when using the flat mount, although the bung is for big hits & intended to keep the slide together. Surf etc

    When using the curved mount it will still rattle often.

    You can see in the pic i wedged a zip tie in to show the gap when using the curved helmet mount. The zip tie took all the clicks away. So i just put a very light coat of areldite on all my curved mounts to build up the front edges a bit.

    Attached Files:

  18. Buggar!...but clever fix dags. :) And good to know - thanks mate.

    You ere exactly correct Dags...the bung works to a point but it was sloppy in the verticle movement, so I remembered your little tip and that worked a treat. And it's an important tip as well. Without it the bideos I just took would have been alot worse than they already are...ahahaha
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    this was my go with the GoPro back in 2008 with the original one.. only ever used the suction mount... this vid, camera is suction mounted to the ride side fairing just next to the indicator..

  20. I'm using the suction mount, so that problem isn't relevant, after my ride into work the morning i believe the click is something else on the bike, i just have to find it.....