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motorcycle brokers??

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by damo015, Jun 10, 2007.

  1. hey guys
    just wanting your 2 cents
    im currently selling my bike and i got a fone call from a motorcycle broker, who sed he has a fair few people come in and ask 1996 rgv250 (same kind of bike as mine). anyway he doesnt have n e in his shop so wat he does is call people up off the net and gets them to take their bikes and leave it in the shop
    then wat he does is keep it in the shop for 1 month, you pay him a $199 brokerage fee, and he tries to sell it for an agreed value, if sold he gives u the agreed value plus the amount for brokerage fee, and he just keeps wateva money he made on top.

    it sounds all good in theory but im a bit worried it may jsut be a scam where he gets my bike for a month, gets $199 off me, and my bike doesnt sell.
    if he were to do this to 10 people a month thats nearly $2000 in his pocket for doing nothing..

    whats your thoughts on this?
    worth it or pure scammer?

  2. Also known as consignment, but you normally only pay once bike sold.

    Go and check out his shop, see how may bikes he has and what are the prices like.

    Ensure he has some sort of insurance for test rides or if yours will cover them.

    RGV pretty specialised bike, and maybe he does have some buyers, but more than likely just wants to build his stock and you're paying for the priviledge.
  3. Let me guess, it was Clipstone Yamaha in Ringwood?

    Consignment sales in Victoria are illegal (i've quoted the relevant legislation in here previously).

    If it is the above establishment, ask them where Andrew's Jet Ski that was worth $12,000 has gotten to...

    "sorry mate, we lost it"
  4. I heard from a similar place when I was selling my Hilux.
    They claim they get all this walk-in trade etc. and you'll sell it super quick and easy if you give it to them and pay the fee...

    I figured: anyone who's after my kind of [vehicle] is already searching trading post, carsales, etc [I had it advertised on carsales] - and just as many people who are likely to find it at this dealer's place are likely to ring me about it.

    I also had calls from dealers who wished to buy it outright from me [obviously for a little less than I could get for it - they need to make a profit] - but the reason to take their offer is they buy it straight away.

    Keep advertising privately - and if you need to move it quick and are prepared to take less cash for it, approach a dealer to buy it outright from you.
  5. thanks guys.
    it wasnt Clipstone Yamaha in Ringwood.

    Its a place called Melbourne Motorbike Brokers in Port Melbourne.

    I was thinking the exact same thing.. why would people be going in to his looking for an rgv, when just as many people would be doing it over bikesales etc, where my bike is advertised

    im considering going down to speak to the guy, and negotiating with him, either along the lines that if hes so confident that it will sell within 2 weeks, why doesnt he just buy it off me now for a cheaper price then the agreed and sell it for wateva he wants, or tell him that il only pay the brokerage fee after it sells, and if it doesnt sell after the first month i wont pay it at all..

    i doubt he will agree to either of these.. but worth a try.. at the end of the day it will prove whether hes legit or not
  6. Consignment houses are bullshit!

    I have sold many cars and bikes advertised in Trading Post (NSW) and these companies have people going through the paper calling everyone who has a popular model for sale, and they tell you they want to buy it from you, but you have to take the vehicle to them and they will look at it.

    I tell them, if you want it, you come to me like anyone else and look at it. Guess what? They never came, because they know that the tactic of offering much less will be a waste of their time not yours if they come to you and you say no thanks.
    My brother in law took his car to them, and all they did once they got him there was tell him how many issues the car had, and try to buy it for peanuts so they can make big profits. They prey on those desperate for a quick sale in financial trouble, and the consignment centres are the same, the will call you and offer to sell it for a much lower price than originally agreed.

    The fact they want $199 from you just for having it there sale or not should be warning enough to tell them to fcuk off, tell them if they give you $199, you will let them sell it for you for a month. This is a nice little scam, it pays for their rent on the premises regardless of if they sell anything and make a profit or not, and if they need a bit more $$ they just call a few more suckers and get them to bring the vehicle in, and they care not as to if they sell it or not.
  7. The first should be your only option.

    If they want it, they can buy it. Do not offer it to them in the hope they will sell it for you. Cheeky sucker!!! has the nerve to ask you for his fee straight up.

    If your bike insured against full loss whilst it's stored on their premises?
    What if it is stolen? what happens then?
    And if they decide that the only price they were going to get for it is xx which is $2000 less than you wanted, then what?

    A true broker will have instruction from their client what their budget is and what they are chasing.
    It is then the brokers job to find their client a bike at the best price.

    Not to build up their stock numbers on a shop floor to entice customers.

    Give them the finger ..|..
  8. simple google the company

    I cant find it how will customers?

    they just sell there own bikes off yours
  9. Extracted from ASIC's database at AEST 17:49:28 on 10/06/2007
    123 155 877
    98 123 155 877
    Type Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
    Registration Date 15/12/2006
    Next Review Date 15/12/2007
    Status Registered
    Locality of Registered Office Kensington VIC 3031
    Jurisdiction Australian Securities & Investments Commission

    These are the documents that ASIC has most recently received from or in relation to this organisation. Page numbers are shown if processing is complete and the document is available for purchase.
    Date Number Pages Description
    29/03/2007 023660007 2 484E Change to Company Details Appointment or Cessation of A
    Company Officeholder
    15/12/2006 1E2780001 3 201C Application For Registration as a Proprietary Company

    Last modified: 18 May 2007
    98 123 155 877 view historyview history

    ABN status: Active from 12 May 2007
    Entity name: Melbourne Motor Brokers Pty Ltd
    Entity type: Australian Private Company
    Main business location
    State: VIC
    Postcode: 3081
    Trading name(s)

    Other registrations
    GST status: Effective from 12 May 2007
    Deductible Gift Recipient: Not entitled to receive tax deductible gifts
    ACN or ARBN: 123155877
    ASIC Logo Search ASIC

    Is this them????
  10. They didn't come up on Google
  11. pretty sure the guy sed "melbourne motorbike brokers"
    and its in port melbourne... corner of ingles rd and some other rd
  12. it's all a bit dubious to me.

    I wouldn't trust them. How random, I wonder how many people are scammed by this guy. I'd give ACCC a call and report them. the ACCC is responsible to protect consumers from scams.
  13. Do a search on Whitepages and it shows them up as beingi n Port Melbourne.
  14. il go and sus it out
    speak to the guy and see wat he says
    i wont be signing over anything tho unless im getting myself a great deal
  15. Good Luck Damo015 let us know how u got on
  16. If he knows his stock and customers so well, he can make an accurate assessment of its value. And buy it!. If he won't do that, he is just hoping to sell it.

    I run a car dealership, and I either buy cars, or I don't, there is no in between.

    To me, brokers are just leeches.
  17. Hey dude,

    My missus had the same guy from Melbourne Motorcycle Brokers ring her up the same day she advertised het Aprilia scooter on Bikesales. Being a lawyer at the ACCC, she asked him all the right questions and basically sent him packing!

    As Vic says, steer clear and if they do call you like the vultures that they are, tell them to get f*@ked!

  18. I ride past the place on my way home from work. I haven't been inside but it all looks legit from the outside. There's plenty of sinage and they seem to have a number of bikes in the place.

    I can go in and look around if that helps any...
  19. Ignore the guy. Dougz missus is right and so is that other poster (Sorry missed your nick) Consignment sales are illegal in Victoria. Don't go there.

    If you need to lose a few bucks to get a quick sale, take it to a few dealers and tell them you're selling it TODAY whoever gives the best offer gets it.

    What if your bike gets trashed while someone is test riding it at this consignment guy? What if they trash it or the showroom burns down or its stolen?
  20. Just For Your Info:

    Section 36. (Consignment selling prohibited) of the Motor Car Traders Act 1986 is the relevant reference.

    Edited for clarity
    In answer to Vics question, the section of the Act (36) does not apply to sales at public auctions. They (the auction group) can sell by consignment via auction.