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Motorcycle brake lighting system doesn't care how you're slowing down

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by robsalvv, May 15, 2013.

  1. Motorcycle brake lighting system doesn't care how you're slowing down



    California-based engineer Faizal Ali was riding his motorcycle on a San Diego freeway one day and downshifted in order to slow for an exit. Because he didn’t actually apply the brakes, however, his brake light didn’t come on. As a result, the following car almost ran into him. That experience prompted him to partner with Jesse Szynal and designer Fausin Mdisa to create Vololights – it’s a rear lighting system that activates no matter what method the rider is using to decelerate.
    Vololights is integrated into a user-installed rear license plate frame. Contained within that frame are eight red LEDs, a microprocessor, and a 3-axis accelerometer. A white LED also provides continuous illumination of the license plate.
    After being calibrated by the user upon its initial installation, Vololights will be able to detect any noteworthy decrease in speed, whether it’s caused by downshifting, engine braking, or simply application of the brake levers.
    If the rate of deceleration indicates a normal braking scenario, the Vololights’ two rows of four red LEDs will flash alternately at a rate of two times per second – this just alerts drivers to the fact that the motorcycle is slowing. If the bike decelerates very quickly, however, the lights will flash five times a second, letting drivers know that they have to react fast in order to avoid an accident.
    An algorithm running in the microprocessor is designed to filter out false alarms, such as when the rider is slowing the bike while descending steep hills.
    The designers are now raising production funds for Vololights, on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$79 will get you a system, when and if they’re ready to go. More information is available in the pitch video below.
    Sources: Vololights, Kickstarter

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    Does this capture anyone's interest?


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  2. Pretty good idea! I'm a firm believer of chucking the hazards on if I'm hard braking in the car but always forget to do it on the bike. Something like this would be good in all vehicles.
  3. Sounds pretty good.
  4. What % of bike prangs are rear enders ?
  5. Is that a gag? Ok i'll play along. I don't know. What % of bike collisions are rear enders?
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  6. is that actual rear enders? or just ones that get recorded?

    someone ran up my arse about 6 months ago. no damage to my bike so it wasnt recorded (they needed new bumper, guard, bonnet, air box from what i could see :))
  7. 2011 11% of MC crashes which had fatality were rear enders according to Stay Upright Course I was doing. They put a heavy emphasis on rearward protection.
    Back on topic. I like the idea something that Rob noticed when I was doing his course he nearly ran into me the 1st few times cause I was closing the throttle and not using brakes but would rather the smarts be incorporated into the light itself. Also the flashing alternating lights would not pass ADR rules since it conflicts with emergency response lighting system.
  8. Just curious, I try to touch the rear brake when slowing down all the time whether I need to use the brakes or not. Do you guys do the same?

    Also, how to bicycles get away with flashing rear lights or do cops just turn a blind eye?
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  9. Just for reference, in Victoria the numberplate dimension for a standard motorcycle plate is 184mm wide x 99mm high

    This thing supports plates 7" x 4" or 177.8 x 101.6, so our plates are a little wide (6.2mm)
  10. random thoughts:

    ADR and state compliance of flashing lights? defect?

    Putting more brake lights in traffic will result in more over-reaction and more congestion.

    Might lead to more complacency and a further lowering of driver skills.

    Do I care, so long as I'm better off?

    One stat I saw had bike rear endings at 18%
  11. Same here, regardless of how i am slowing i light my tail light with the rear brake. both my brakes are setup to illuminate the light with just the free-play taken up.

    I bout a number plate frame and light assembly from the states and just trimmed off what didn't fit in 3mm of each side, nothing that wouldn't be covered by any other plate frame.

    Seems like a solution to a non-problem.
  12. Yeah. Same here on Brake light mostly.

    As far as regs go - they allow for modulation of the front headlight already. One guy here who sells front modulators also sells brake light flashers. I contacted him and asked about the legality of them and his reply was:

    There's a technicality there that the modulators don't go "off" between flashes even though the effect is the same. These LED number plate ones might go off so there might be an issue.
  13. 66% from first hand experience. Nice find Rob.

  14. Welcome back mate. :)
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  15. I fixed that problem BTW. Took 2 bikes and an extra 2 cylinders :longnose:
    Back OT I was thinking about this product today after I saw the youtube video and I got ask. Do you think the product would be better if it would just activate the standard brake light rather then different flash options? Not sure if training the general public. Also I think it should be incorporated into cars as well?
  16. That's probably better. I think a young P plater on their first night drive may panic if they saw a red flashing light
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    Last edited: May 17, 2013
    Some bike brake lights are pitiful, so I wouldn't wire it into the brake light - plus there MIGHT be an advantage having an unusual second set of lights on the back blinking away.

    I'd think about getting one of these devices if it was priced right.

    Vtwin riders should have them MANDATORILY! lol
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  18. Seems it would remove the onus of the other road users to use their judgement on vehicle speed & positioning...

    Situational awareness should tell you if someone is in danger of rear ending you, as other have said, it's easy to make the brake lights come on without slowing down further.
  19. This is a very good idea, what hasnt anyone made it is a wonder............man this could have been a huge money spinner especially if those two dudes realised to approach the government about it...............