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motorcycle boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by BearKat, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Hi All. looking for a new pair of boots.

    iam a large build,size 13 eee shoe,with a large calf.

    i find that i can not wear a slip on, i used to have a pair of rossi side zip,ankle boots, but could not walk in them as not enough support.

    any ideas????

    found these;;

    http://www.wickedgear.net.au/boots/dual-zipper-leather-motorcycle-boots v

    your feedback is sought after.

    regards bearkat
  2. I just bought a pair of Axo boots

    I am a size 10 and large ish build, I find they offer good support for me
  3. Daytona touring boots are IMO the best available. Look up any product review. They also have adjustable calf fitting.
    The bad news is a pair will set you back some 500 smackers.
    The other bad news is the local agent (Innotesco) is in Melbourne.
  4. Ive just bought a pair of Alpinestars SMX 6 Boots.

    Theyre super comfy, easy to ride in and supportive without being restrictive.
  5. Good luck. I was a large lady who, over the last year, has lost 45kg and am now sized btw 14-18 (women's sizes being what they are). I was a size 26.

    I am still unable to buy a pair of long boots to fit around my calf. Even boots with adjustable calves just aren't big enough, including Sidi boots unfortunately. I am forced to wear short boots and currently wear A*s. I have a pair of long boots that were "remade" for me, but it was at HUGE expense, they're damn uncomfortable and I only wear them on the track.
  6. thanks all
  7. I agree, my partner has somewhat larger calves and found the daytona boots the way to go after trying just about every other boot. They have heaps if adjustment for your calf.
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  8. I prefer to describe my calves as 'voluptuous'. I can highly recommend Daytona boots.
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  9. The remade boots I have are Daytonas. Originals don't fit me.
  10. Have you tried the BMW Allround boot? Ample adjustment around the calf with a large velcro fastening, review here. I've used them for years, very comfortable for walking as well. Good value, too (y)