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Motorcycle boots are a pain in the butt... alternatives?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Puffin, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. They really are quite annoying... I mean having huge boots you can't were to work or uni really makes me not wear mine (and having to get changed is hard... particularly when running late)... are there any alternatives?
    Doc Martins...? Short cut off boots... perhaps workman boots? I don't really want to compromise on safety - anyone got great boots that they can wear all day under jeans or whatever? I plan on buying some next week and want to make sure I get a good pair...

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    Ga4Seb3GNHM[/media]]This is the most common alternative to motorcycle boots...

    *EDIT* i have a pair of OXTAR Tour Tech boots, and they are fine to wear around uni all day. while i am in lectures ill take them off (try to do it before they start talking, otherwise there is a loud RIIPPPP of the velcro coming undone). no troubles so far, and they are rather good at keeping rain out too

  3. :LOL:

    you beat me to it lobby :p

    mmm mate i wore my boots to tafe all the time. what is stopping you from wearing them all day? break them in, and theyre comfy, otherwise you dont have a boot that fits correctly.

    or simply get a locker, and have a pair of thongs/shoes in there, u can change in a sec. if you're late it's your fault :p regarding work, just have a pair to change into there again.

    safety is not something i think is worth compromising on.
  4. Why can't you wear boots to uni?

    If you don't want to wear bike boots, consider something like a pair of lace up Steel Blues. They're my regular bike wear and have proved extremely comfy and durable. Protectionwise, they don't have the specialist arnour of pukka bike boots, but they offer at least as much protection as anything that was in common use 20 years ago (and most of us can still walk). Plus, if you buy purple ones, $30 a pair goes to breast cancer research, which ain't a bad deal.

    I wouldn't consider laccy sided jobs though. Never ever.
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    What a load of C()ck

    GPX250 still full of whatever hype you got told. :LOL:
  6. Have a pair of BMW Sneaker II - very comfortable for all day wear

    Just bought shorter than normalGaerne G-Flow boots for touring - maybe a bit much to wear all day every day, although much lighter than most others.
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    Thanks Lobby .. I really didn't need to keep that breakfast inside me anyway... :sick:
  8. I don't mind my students turning up in gear - always makes for good conversation about what they ride :)

    other choice would be dress like a goth :p
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    ewwww..... You need to put a warning on that one!!!

    I would concur with my learned friends on this one - have a cup of concrete and invest in some bandaids for a few days while you break your new boots in.
  10. I've got some oxblood docs I wear.
  11. Lace up Steel Blues for me but only because I am yet to find boots with a high enough instep.
  12. Trust me - wear your boots... I was wearing them so imagine how my foot would have looked if I hadn't :shock:


  13. Try putting them on your feet next time :)

    Seriously though, if you don't want to compromise on safety there are no alternatives because the things that make good bike boots uncomfortable are precisely the things that make them more protective in a crash.

    Really, the best solution is to bring a pair of light, easy to slip on day shoes with you, and change.
  14. i call bullshit.
    you my friend need to get off your arse, and go try on some boots.
    theyre not uncomfortable, theyre freakin almost more comfy than my skate shoes haha.

    you just need to find the right pair.

    im currently lusting after these, will grab a pair come january when i get my licence back for good :)
  15. Pair of boots for riding - pair of shoes for the office.

    Any questions why, see the thread in multimedia on the guy who degloved his foot.

    Use good boots for the road.
  16. I just wear my old rossi's,
    mid calf length reasonably soft leather, good sole. they took a little breaking in to start with but now comfortable as all get out.

    to break your boots in wear em round the house.

    I wear my boots to the office every casual friday

  17. i wear alpine SMX4's all day. I change out of my leathers and put on clothing pants, which go over the boots and look completely like normal casual wear. the boots get a bit hot but other than that theyre comfortable
  18. I have a damn hard time getting boots that will fit. I'm size 12 or 13 and most shops either don't have em or they're built small.

    At the moment I'm wearing a pair of firefighting boots. Calf length, lace up, no steel cap, good fit.