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Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors Lane Split Cafe Racer Style

Discussion in 'Everything Else' at netrider.net.au started by abadacus, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Recently bought a pair of these folding bar end mirrors

    Fresh out of the box

    Here are few pictures of them installed

    The expanding metal sleeve that goes inside teh handlebar that came with this set of mirrors was very tight tight and did not want to expand. If I had a pair of pliers I would have bent out the flanges but I didnt, so I stole the sleeves off my old mirrors and used them.

    installation is easy, just shove them in and turn your allen key

    The folding feature is pretty nifty, however, no matter how tight you make the section that is holding the pivoting ball, the pivoting arm will always move when you try to fold the mirrors in. In the near future I will be taking some loctice to it and gluing the shit out of the pivot.

    Also I noticed that a couple of the allen screws were a little loose, but nothing a couple of turns of a hex key cant fix.

    Whilst riding with them I was surprised that there was no vibration! and once adjusted correctly, the rear vison was fantastic. Have not filtered with them as of yet though so I am not sure of car mirror clearance

    would I buy these again? definately.
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  2. Hideous-make your bike look pig arse wide.
  3. Bling the fcuk out of it
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  4. nice looks good. eBay right for around 10 bucks? I hope they're better than the ones I bought. (the big silver ones in my display pic). They had a habit of moving in the wind. worst...
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  6. Awesome.

    Tempted to get them for the CBR now, though not sure if seating postion will make it harder (or if it'll look gay because faired)
  7. I've got moto deluxe mirrors I bought from ebay, definitely happy with them. Good quality product, I like the look of the clean handlebars, and most importantly you can see a lot more out of them than with my old standard mirrors.