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Motorcycle Awerness Campaign

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by vladpp, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. The biggest issue is with the new tac add appears to be spreading fear instead of educating and lack of consultation from the motorcycle community.

    What i propose:

    We film our own set of adds, which provide a balanced view of motorcycles, associated risks and measures to reduces those risks to an acceptable level.


    They will initially be distributed on facebook and youtube as firstly its free and secondly reaches as large audience. If successful then we create a website as an alternative to www.spokes.com.au

    The purpose:

    To improve the attitude toward riders and force the government to view us a legitimate road user.

    Lets begin collecting ideas, no wright and wrong, just post whats on your mind: whats wrong with currents adds, whats could be done to improve them, what you would've liked to know as a learner, etc.
  2. Please whatever you do make sure you SPELL correctly folks.
  3. Maybe he meant an actual witch would be the host of the ad, providing a balanced view? ;)
  4. I'm happy to do the filming
  5. I think this is a brilliant idea. Its strange that the TAC can go from polar extreme to polar extreme with their "campaigns". The advert that showed the car driver and the rider switching places was excellent... I'm not even in Victoria and this is pretty damned obvious.

    Perhaps some footage could be shown to highlight to drivers that the mechanics of a motorcycle are very different to that of a car. I mean, simple things that are easy to do in a car are not as easy or as safe as the appear to be on a bike. Such as in a car, its relativley easy to sharply change direction in order to avoid an obstacle whereas on a bike this presents a number of problems *especially* for a new rider. Another good example would be braking mechanics. Stamp your right foot and the worst that can happen *until* you run out of road is that you slide. On a bike, not so much.

    Just whats on my mind atm...
  6. Will there be dancing girls???

  7. What is an awerness campaign?
  8. Happy to do postproduction (it's what I do for a living anyway) and spell checking :)
  9. i'll happily provide a camera when needed, just normal Def though.
  10. I'm happy to bin someone else's bike... :p. Or, can offer the Bandit if wanted.
  11. Without trying to be arrogant, but theres nothing a simple TV ad could teach me as a rider in terms of being a safer rider. The issue is that current ads (or at least the recent one) pleads for riders to ride safer - when in fact motorcylists generally have a far superior sense of roadcraft and road awareness in general.

    I would suggest (especially in light of the recent tac campaign) that the proposed ad attempts to communicate and propagate understanding of motorcyclists to cagers who see US as the problem of our own safety.

    Perhaps what could be addressed is misunderstandings about bikes, cagers see our actions as reckless and selfish, and get frustrated - lowering their attitude towards us.
    Some examples of misunderstandings to be explained;
    - Lane splitting; around 1/3 of fatal bike accidents are caused by being rear ended whilst stopped at traffic lights from the driver not seeing them. By splitting to the front this danger is avoided. And of course the issues of sitting in stationary traffic in hot days wearing protective gear. It should also
    - Taking off quickly from the lights (after checking intersection is clear) is seen as hooning, they dont realise that we are generally just trying to create a BUFFER between us and the traffic
    - Bikes/scooters 'cheat' traffic by 'jumping the queue' - in reality we are usually gone before drivers even realise the light is green - by splitting to the front we're not slowing you down
    - The more riders on the road, the less congestion there will be, not taking up unnecessary space on the road

    etc. Just some ideas
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    There is more than one add. I just saw this one tonight actually. Hmm a courier driver steps out onto the road and nearly gets hit and then says 'Hey watch out mate'.. It's a friggin road. And I still don't know how the VFR loses control.

  13. AD
    For farks sake we are not illiterates, for the public to take us seriously can we at least write and spell correctly?
  14. I would be happy to be involved. This is something I have wanted to see for a long time - an Ad made by Riders for Riders.

    I would be happy to do the editing - I have the software... All I need is the raw video - which I think Vic offered to do.

    Any Film Producers out there?
  15. I'd prefer a professional to do the editing personally. If it needs to be done it should be done correctly.
  16. Who's running the classes?
  17. Whoever posts must take responsibility for their own spelling and grammar, particularly in this case.
    I'm sorry if I'm not appealing to anyone's sense of humour, this is a serious issue and we have to be serious about all we are doing and that includes our grammar as we are supposedly intelligent and articulate motorcyclists.
    Now back on topic.

  18. I work in film postproduction… to be fair my time schedule isn't the most open thing in the world, but it's not like this would need to have nearly as much pumped into it.
  19. jdkarmch, I just saw your Cranbourne GP run vid.. impressive.

    I'd love to see this ad up and going soon.
  20. I'd rather see any Representative Body Stick up the funding and butting the frak out.