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Motorcycle Awareness

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The Predecessor, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. First post, long time 'browser'

    After only six months of riding I found myself laying in a hospital bed with multiple injuries, out of surgery and now stuck with nuts & bolts in my (L) wrist, broken (R) collar bone, broken (R) ribs, stitched up (R) knee waiting for the skin to grow back with nasty abrasions trailing up my leg counting my blessing's that im still alive to ride another day (cant say much for my bike tho,sadly) Must be in my blood.. God bless idiotic cagers whom pull out without looking both ways!

    Point of my post, was wondering if you guys or any fellow rider's out there could help me with information on getting involved with motorcycle awareness programs and such.. After my accident, im more so then ever keen to help 'spread the word' any way I can, any help is muchly appreciated.
  2. Sorry to hear about your negative experiences.Go the mentor riding route dude,couple of people of top of my head who mentor,are safe riders who teach skills and pass on their knowledge gained from years of experience.
    There was something mentioned on grrls accident thread about a support network for downed riders.Check it out and you will find it.Safe riding.
  3. Do you remember what the thread was called?
  4. Very sorry to hear about your off and injuries but good to see that you want to turn it into a positive and pass on info.

    How about trying the TAC, MRA, riding schools or major apparel manufactors (like Draggin etc) they may be able to point you in the right direction ?
  5. Should put together a flyer, something along the lines of "Hey dickhead car driver, look out for us bikes, we hurt lots when you hit us" that may need to be worded a bit better :p but you get the drift ;)

    Stick them on every car that you see :)
  6. Maaaate!!! Thank goodness you're alive. Those injuries sound like it could have gone another way.

    Not sure how you raise awareness of motorcyclists to all and sundry drivers.

    I know that since I've been riding, my whole family are more tuned into riders and looking out for riders. There might be a clue there.

    Drivers who don't ride are generally not aware how mobile and agile a bike can be. Drivers tend to judge all road user movements from a car's point of view and behaviour so that seriously underestimates what a bike can do. Work on this view (maybe hook in with driver ed schools?) and appreciation will improve.

    Anywayz, more power to your arm on this endeavour. Hope you heal quickly bro.


  7. Glad your alive and made it thru. As the number of riders increase and the density of population increases so will the number of collisions, unfortunately we come off worse than cars. Unless the legislators pay attention it is going to be a long slow and painful process to improve awareness and conditions.
  8. good luck with your crusade to increase awareness!

    every bit counts :)
  9. One good option in NSW is the Motorcycle Council:
    They are a sanctioned body that attempts to lobby the state government on behalf of motorcyclists and regularly holds campaigns/advertising/events designed to improve rider safety/motorcycle awareness. I have been to a few meetings and they do some really good stuff, mainly in the background. The AGM is tonight(Mon) at 7:30pm at Flemington Markets(look on the site for details). I am about to head off to it myself.
  10. maybe go to vicroads/rta or whatever it is.
    take everyone hostages
    a seige
    hold everyone hostage for a few hours and it'll be on the news.
    tell the media your message about motorcycle awareness.

    you'll have to do it when you get better though.

    cya on the 6 o'clock news
  11. I think the local newspaper editor must be getting sick and tired of me. When ever vicroads or the council install anti-rider weapons, (eg, dodgey surfaces, blind spots and pointy objects) i'm there with an outraged letter.

    I have found showing video footage, shot from my motorbike to be a great way for non-riders to learn more about us. You can explain the stratigies that you are using, to try and keep alive. Show them how we plan our overtakes, how much room we need and the positions on the road best for riders.
  12. I know it's bad timing just after the state elections... but I've got a couple of letters lines up for my local M.P.

    It's about time motorcycling was promoted as the traffic and environmentally friendly activity it is.

    While you're at it, write to John So. He's a champ and I've seen a photo or two of him on a Vespa.
  13. The Predecessor, I have no good ideas comming to mind immediately but man, I really like the way you think. You rock dude, I'll put my mind to some thinking for you. :)
  14. Glad to hear that you are OK & hope you have recovered well.

    On Saturday night (Perth), while I was getting ready to ride off to watch Thai Boxing, the 6pm TV news reported the deaths of 2 motor cyclist.

    On my way to the venue, as I was about to pass this blue Corolla on the right lane (dual lanes) but the idiot driver tried to suddenly change lane which I was lucky not get knocked over. If I was going slower it would have collected me, bloody idiot !! A close call.

    In the next morning of the Sunday Times, quote: "In one horror crash, a rider died after his bike was dragged under a four wheel drive for more than 250m before the vehicle stop".

    As for the 2nd unfortunate rider quote: "the car was attempting to turn right ..... and had turned in front of the motorcycle".

    Yes, their should be more driver awareness.
  15. Dude like everyone else has said I am wishing for you to have a speedy recovery. As for a different perspective, I too think that poeples view of motorbike change when they ride them. I give more respect to motorbikes now than I used to, even when they lane split - I actually enjoy watching them lane split, come up next to my car and shooting off at the lights now.

    People really need to have compulsery Motorbike lessons. As Mithel said, the number of MB riders is growing, and that's a good thing, but the populus is too, like stated. I just hate it how every other driving medium - bikes, trucks, buses etc...gets specific training to effectively negotiate traffic situations and learn all they have to about driving said vehicle on the road, and car drivers recieve the paltry generic training, aimed at simply getting them into a car and making car dealers and insurance corperations richer.

    pisses me off too.

  16. I don't know what it is in NSW but try contacting your equivalent to the RACQ/RACV. They employ all sorts of people (e.g. road safety auditors) so may be able to point you in the right direction.
  17. Mate, glad to hear you're still with us, and hope you're healing well.

    What I believe is needed is the one thing our collective governments will never do. Ongoing driver training and assesment. Unfortunately governments believe it would cost too much, and be too much of an impost on drivers.

    There's no other activity that I can think of, that has the potential to maim and kill people in the way driving does. That has NO requirement for regular re-testing.

    Anyone who can pass a pathetically simple test can get a licence at 17-18 and drive untill they're 70 odd before there's any additional proof of competency is required.

    And if you do screw up, instead of ensuring that you know what you did wrong and providing some training to make sure it doesn't happen again, all that happens is they slug you with a fine. Geez... great system we have here.

    Driving a car is the most dangerous thing most people do on a daily basis, yet most of them are completey crap at it. I spent 23 years driving all over Melbourne in my previous life as a communications tech, and have lost count of the number of wombats that have tried to kill me. Nearly every incident was because the wombat in question wasn't paying attention to what they were doing (except the ones that were half or fully pissed).

    I've done two advanced driving courses, and competed in club level motorsport. My kids will be doing advanced driving courses before they get their licences. Because I truly believe that if drivers had more education and training, there'd be more of them (and us) around.

    That's my two cents worth........ and I shall now climb down off my soapbox.

    Get well soon. :)
  18. Agreed.
    However, I take point with that the government would think it too expensive.
    If they brought compulsory Driver/rider advanced training..it could only be done on a "user pays" system. And that is fair enough.
    I regularly attend advance rider courses by choice.
    I don't think any gov't would have the guts to "bite the bullet" and pass through legislation. I hope I'm wrong.

    As someone said before: Lowering speed limits doesn't make better drivers...training does.
  19. Hahah...

    Im very thankful to be alive.. and im sure it could of turned out alot worse, alot of the hospital staff kept telling me that too.
    Dont think I could of hit anything worse either, it was a F250 yank tank!

    So true, since I started riding I know my mum has become more motorcyle aware.. and I guess that goes for everyone who knows me.
    I think perhaps one possible option for awareness is like a driver/rider organised day... where motorcyclists take a pillion passenger whom is a driver on the back for day and they get to experience first hand what it is like to be on a bike, what we fight with on a daily basis etc...

    So true

    Cheers, indeed it does.

    Thanks for that, will check out there website for sure.
    Will have to make sure I can make it to the next meeting...

    Hahah, thats a very different approach... in your face tactics eh :wink:

    Let them get sick of you, if everyone just sat back.. nothing would happen.
    I believe every little bit counts... even if for the most part it seems un-noticed.

    True, sounds like an effective method.. half the problem is getting the majority to realise.

    Thanks mate... And thanks to everyone for there good wishes in my recovery, it is welcoming.
    Accident happened going on 3 weeks ago now... and just starting to be able do 'normal' things again...
    ie: type on a keyboard, the joys of having no use of either arms!