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WA Motorcycle Awareness Week

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by middo, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. So today driving down the freeway, I noticed large signs saying "Motorcycle Awareness Week - check your blind spot before changing lanes"

    Will this be helpful?

  2. Why is it not Motorcycle Awareness Week every week?
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  3. The current targeting of motorcyclists in WA would be a more interesting topic to discuss.

    WA Police will establish a new strike force to hunt hoon motorcyclists and serial speedsters by scrutinising speed camera images to track unidentified, revhead riders. The dedicated team will target "extreme recklessness" and drivers repeatedly caught travelling more than 50km/h above the speed limit, with a particular focus on motorcyclists who evade detection knowing police cannot trace them from speed camera images. Traffic and operations assistant commissioner Nick Anticich said police had been forced to deploy new tactics to curb risk-taking behaviour by motorcyclists, amid evidence an increasing number of riders were avoiding detection by not displaying numberplates or using stolen or disguised plates.

    Mr Anticich said the new team would use alternative investigative tools to track offenders, including liaising with bike manufacturers to uncover owners as well as identifying personal features like rider appearance, tattoos and unusual motorcycle paintwork. Specialist intelligence analysts and other expert traffic enforcement units will also join forces with the new team.

    "We need to turn our eye to identifying these riders through other intelligence means and not simply the numberplates," Mr Anticich told Fairfax Media.

    Link: WA News

    Bunbury's traffic police have made no apologies for pulling over every bike they see on the road. At a meeting held to discuss motorbike safety earlier this month, South West Traffic officer-in-charge Sergeant Craig Clarke told the Bunbury Mail he had instructed his team to target every motorbike on local roads. Sergeant Clarke said it was alarming to discover that many of the riders did not have a licence to operate their bike.

    This includes a 41-year-old man who was killed near the entrance of College Grove on November 3. Our state motorbike road toll is now at 36 - equal to the worst year on record in 2008. A group of passionate business owners, riding instructors and police met on November 6 to pull together resources and work towards change that could save lives. The group wants to see changes to state legislation which would mean bikers would have to be re-tested on a regular basis, as well as a local training facility where people can learn how to stay alive on the roads. Several members of the group have been hit by personal tragedy involving motorbikes, spurring on their determination to curb the horrific road toll.

    Link: Bunbury Mail

  4. I will put my had up to having perhaps been traveling a little quick past a forward facing speed camera but it is not something I am guilty of repeatedly doing or making a habit of.

    As to pulling over every bike they see, provided it was a targeted operation over a designated period and not an all out never ending war on bikers, I wouldn't take issue as if I were pulled over it would be a quick RBT, license and rego check and on my way again may be a total of 2-3 minutes of my life.

    if such an operation catches out licensed riders who make up a significant number of serious injuries, fatalities and also DUI according to the stats it makes the roads a safer place, takes a little heat off the law abiding riders and reduces the stats that go on to making us all look bad.

    I don't see it any different to other targeted operations that affect other groups.

    sorry to derail the thread but Justus started it... just saying ;)