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Motorcycle Awareness Week - 20/10/2011 (Thursday) - Syndey CBD

Discussion in 'NSW' started by lui, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Come and show your support at Wynyard Square (York Street across from RTA) at 12:30pm.


  2. If you do come, bring your helmet or wear your jacket to identify yourself as a rider, not a pedestrian who happens to be walking pass.
  3. lol - Motorcycle Awareness Half-Week. Good schedule of events queued up though.
  4. I'm going there now to check it out.
  5. Just had a friend call and ask if i was there. HE IS AWARE OF MOTORCYCLES PEOPLE! IT'S WORKING! :p
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    It was a pretty good event, the minister was asked questions on M2 bus only lane, toll charges, filtering, rego labels, parking multiple bikes in a single car space, etc. He acknowledged that they are all sensible suggestions and will be responded to appropriately.
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  7. Some pictures from today.
  8. Few more.
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    I can spot the SMIDSY sticker in the middle of that table!
  10. Just wondering, how well was this event (week) advertised.
    Print, radio, TV etc?