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"Motorcycle Aware Driver" sticker

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by pat65, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. Saw this sticker on the back of a car this afternoon while driving near the city. Anyone know anything about it or seen it before?

  2. MRA sells them. $2.50 each
  3. Yeah it means if they hit you then it must have been deliberate :LOL:.
  4. Also a different one is available from the Ulysses Club website ...

    Hope this helps ...

    Edit 1: Sen Ney's link to the sticker availability on the MRA site was removed ... so to avoid any "implied" bias here I've removed the link I put up too ... *sigh* :roll: :roll: :roll:

    Anyways, there are different styles of stickers available from both sites/organisations ...

    Edit 2: Just tidying up ...
  5. I like the look of that one aswell.

    Edited to add: I like the look of alot of there merchandise.
  6. That sticker's a great idea.

    You could carry them around and give them to drivers who pull over when you're splitting.

    Either way, they're not just a thumbs-up to riders, they're also making other drivers think.

    Good stuff!
  7. MCCofNSW gives them out for free.

    Had them on the back of the cage for a while, then ripped them off.
  8. I like the idea of these stickers. :)
  9. I'd like a roll of them made up... but the other way round.
    Something like 'Motorcycle UNaware driver'... and in bright orange... and with that horrible glue that pulls off paint when you remove them. Then slap em on a roll and give me one of those tape gun thingys so i can whip it out and run a reel of them down the side of the next moron that merges into my lane!
  10. :applause: :applause: :applause: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Love it!!!!
  11. Yeah, my old car had one. The MRA were selling them at the Toy Run.

  12. Gold!

    yep, one of those packing tape dispensers like they have at teh post office. Just reach into your pannier and pull it out and slap a whole line of the stickers down the side of the car as you split past them. and the best bit is the tape would hold their doors shut. Gold!
  13. Also were available from aus.motorcycles newsgroup years ago.
    there are a few still floating around somewhere.
  14. Is it the one that says "Share the lane - Motorcycles Passing" :?: :LOL:
    Why did the link get blocked???
    Just google MRAA and its on the front page :cool:
  15. Yes they were handing them out at the bike show at homebush iv got the 'motorcycle aware driver' one on my car.

    Anything is better than nothing.
  16. We dont allow posts that promote merchandise from other clubs.
  17. SO THEN Why was the Ulysses one still there over an hour later after i posted mine, yet was post just 3min after i post the mraa one?
    It was only removed by the author.
    AND i also reported it!
  18. shouldnt it be in the
    "when will I learn " thread :grin:
  19. Ohhhh, one whole hour!!!!

    How will the world ever cope :roll:

    I saw your report when I got home tonight, checked the post and found that the OP had removed the link.

    You must think that there is a mod online 24/7 waiting to correct and edit any post that doesn't comply......
  20. Got that one plus the NSW "A e-tag that works and a toll that's fair" sticker, plus the HRCA sticker. My car is a moving motorcycling billboard. The only drawback is that my car doesn't see much light of day these days because I ride everywhere.