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VIC Motorcycle Aware Adverts [Radio]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Rolkus, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. I have just heard two different ads on the radio - specifically Triple M.

    They both start
    "Where's the motorcycle?"

    In the background you can hear him saying "Here/here I am"

    One advert told drivers to pay attention when turning right, as motorcycles are harder to see.

    The other told drivers to always perform head checks.

    Anyone else heard these?

    They don't stipulate who is behind the Adverts either.
  2. Just saw large 'Looknout for motorcycles' outbound on the Tulla.

    Are TAC listening?
  3. It sounds like the script from an older TAC campaign that was on TV.
  4. Have seen same thing often on the large eastlink overhead display signs too..
  5. Maybe these type ads should be nation wide and on most radio stations.
  6. Saw the "look out for motorcycles" on the Princes Hwy... http://g.co/maps/2tscu while on the way home from PI...I was quite surprised. Also something about Checking mirrors for motorcycles as well along some where.

    Maybe they are listening.
  7. I hope they are. But I suspect it's just part of a preprogrammed schedule targetting drivers to be reminded about motorcycles as motorcycle numbers reduce heading into Autumn and Winter - meaning there are fewer natural reminders on the road.